Learn How To Stop Sleep Paralysis Immediately When It Happen?

How To Stop Sleep Paralysis Immediately When It Happen?

Many people are experiencing the frightening sleep paralysis. You are apparently one of them and wondering how-to stop sleep paralysis. This article includes my background, my first experience, interview with a Dutch psychic, my second experience and how I stopped it.

In fact, I experienced sleep paralysis a few days ago, on October 10, 2016. I have succeeded to chase away the dark identity, demon or old lady. Somewhere deep inside, I know the sleep paralysis will never return again.

My Background

I don’t have a religious background. I practice Nichiren Buddhism, which is pure a godless meditational practice. My life is stable, I enjoy life, I enjoy my job a lot, I am surrounded with positive minded people and I am a positive minded person myself with a goal. I share my background because researchers has the behavior to label sleep paralysis as a mental problem caused by events in life.

1st Sleep Paralysis Experience

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands – My first sleep paralysis experience occurred in June-July, 2012. I went to bed at 5-6am, sun was shining and the birds were joyfully singing. My room was not dark because the window was covered with a window blind only. I lay on my left side with my face toward the wall, which was illuminated by the sunlight. Blanket and a pillow on my head because I can not sleep in daylight, with a peephole so I can breathe.

About 15 minutes in bed I opened my eyes, because I felt being watched and I had the feeling of a presence, like an alarm that goes off. My body became paralyzed. I was unable to move throughout the entire sleep paralysis experience. A shadow figure slowly approached me from the ceiling. I was able to follow the shadow on the white illuminated wall. It took about 30 seconds to 1 minute before the shadowy figure reached me, it hovered the entire experience a few centimeters above me.

I felt that the pillow was being moved, I felt that the blanket over my head was being lifted by that shadow figure that was hovering above me all the time. The fear at that moment is indescribable. The shadowy figure whispered 30 seconds long non-stop in an unknown language something in my ear. The mysterious identity had a female voice.

Still, I was unable to move and when I tried to talk I sounded like a person who had a stroke. But suddenly, the blanket and pillow were put back carefully in place. I saw the shadowy figure return slowly to the ceiling. Once gone, I could move again. I got up, I looked anxiously at myself in the mirror and I said out loud: “I never want to experience this again”.

Dutch Psychic

In an interview with the Dutch psychic Annemarie Smit we happen to talk about sleep paralysis. I told her my first experience. Watch the video below at 45:58 what she had to say about it:

She believe my sleep paralysis experience was ‘maybe’ caused by my previous relationship. This had much impact that it affected me mentally. But if that is the case. Why have I experienced my second sleep paralysis in a perfect living condition this week?

reconstruction of my second experience

On Monday October 10, 2016 I’ve experienced unfortunately my second sleep paralysis. Totally different than my first experience except for one thing, the indescribable deep dark fear. It was about 7 am, I was not alone because i had two friends crashed at my place. I just was lying alone on the right side of the double bed.

I suddenly felt ‘that’ recognizable fear, an unwanted dark feeling that is branded during my very first experience. Only this experience is not quite reflecting the reality. I was during the sleep paralysis on the left side of bed, in a sitting position. While being paralyzed, I was sometimes able to move my head a little bit.

I saw a very bright light in a corner, against the ceiling. Slowly there was a dark figure walking towards me. All I could see, during the entire sleep paralysis experience, was an emaciated arm, super thin arm with pure black skin such as a burned skin or skin covered with black mud. It wanted to grab me, I was so scared.

How-To Stop Sleep Paralysis

During the sleep paralysis I suddenly had an awakening. I think someone has ever told me on Youtube in the comment section or I had seen it in a documentary that you have to call for Jesus.

As a non believing person I tried to shout, “Jesus Christ“. No matter I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ or unable to talk because I was paralyzed. The moment I called for him the arm retracted like it burned itself on a hotplate and vanished immediately. I was able to move again. But I was astonished because it happened on the left side of the bed.

Apparently I woke up my two guests by my loud groaning and trembling body. They thought I had a nightmare and for that reason they didn’t woke me up. The two witnesses heard me calling, in a drunk way because I was paralyzed, for Jesus Christ.

One year later

Esteban Gonzalez experiences sleep paralysis throughout his entire life. Almost every day he has to deal with this horror.

A year ago I spoke with Gonzalez and I advised him to call the name Jesus Christ as soon as it happens.

The result is a great success. Watch the interview with Gonzalez in the video below.


Since that day, I know sleep paralysis is real as it can get. The unknown entity is 100% negative and dark, otherwise it wouldn’t respond like that on Jesus Christ. Deep inside, I know this dark entity will never return again.