How to join the Illuminati – The Social Experiment


How to join the Illuminati is a social experiment to discover what type of people we are dealing with who are obsessed with this once-infamous secret society.

The motivation of this research derives from spammers from Africa. Before you think, this is a racist remark, no this is, unfortunately, a real fact.

90% of the spam messages originate from the African continent.

The “Join the Illuminati” spam messages are placed under videos, Facebook posts, Facebook photos, and private messages. They continue until they find a victim to steal from.

Besides spammers, I regularly receive private messages from people who want to become a member of the Illuminati. They ‘really’ think that I am at the top of the Illuminati. Yes you read it right, the leader of the Illuminati.

I have randomly select a person who asked me and played the game. I am going to recruit him. You will find out how far the Illuminati recruit will go.

Leader of the Illuminati

For two days there has been communication with the Illuminati wannabe Rick Pinnock. In the conversation, it became clear that he wants to become a member for money and fame. Here are some quotes from the conversation.

  • R u the man in charge for the Illuminati
  • I wanna be like you i wanna have it all. Fame and fortune please share with me
  • I came straight to you Bcoz I know you the top man

In the video below you can read the entire conversation.


In the conversation, I deliberately made strange comments and questions to see what the boundaries are. After seeing the video you can conclude that there is no limit at. Maybe a ridiculous crappy contract will wake him up?

So I promise to introduce Pinnock with the Illuminati brothers, but I require a photo to prepare the contract. I asked him to take a photo with the devil-hand gesture with his thumb in his nose.

Illuminati recruit
Devil hand gesture with his thumb in his nose.

But every contract needs a signature. At first glance, it seemed that he became suspicious because obtaining the signature was a little struggle. By administering a little pressure, he signed after two days of urging.

What does the contract say?

It is about a ridiculous non-disclosure agreement between the discloser “The Illuminati” and the Extra-terrestrial alien recipient “Rick Pinnock”.

If Pinnock signs the contract, he agrees:

  • That he can not talk about anything that has been discussed.
  • That he is an alien.
  • That he knows that the non-disclosure agreement is a worthless piece of paper.
  • That the discloser(I) can disclose any information.

A ridiculous contract that no one would sign. You would think?

Ricky the alien 👽 agreed to the non-disclosure agreement and agrees on everything in it. Even that he is an alien with a finger in his nose.

This shows that Illuminati wannabes:

  • Are desperate;
  • Are totally brainwashed by greed and jealousy;
  • Irresponsible;
  • Lack of self respect;
  • And nothing goes too far.


After the contract was returned with the signature, the conversation continued. Then Rick the Alien came up with a very dark question.

“Are you into contract killings at all by any Chance, —the alien asked.

Facebook chat

The motive behind this crazy question is very disturbing but not a crime. He probably thought the Illuminati pops people. When asked why Rick the Alien asked this question, he said— “It’s ok, changed my mind now on some thing OK”.


People who believe they can join the Illuminati on the internet are delusional and that is strongly demonstrable in this article. There is no single evidence to date that the Illuminati exists. If a secret society like the Illuminati exists, it will happen under the radar. Finally, it is labeled as a secret society for a reason. Sites like are fake exploiting the Illuminati trend.

Contact with Rick the Alien is officially terminated.