High Increase in UFO Sightings in Belgium Last Year and Nobody Knows Why

10 percent of all UFO reports are unexplainable.

High Increase in UFO Sightings in Belgium Last Year and Nobody Knows Why
Every year the number of UFO reports rises worldwide.

In 2018 the Belgian UFO hotline registered 180 sightings of strange aerial phenomena.

This is an increase of 34.3 percent in comparison to the number of reports from 2017 (134 observations). This is evident from the annual report of the Belgian UFO hotline.

Most UFOs were spotted In the province of East Flanders

Also, an increase in

The French COBEPS (Comité Belge pour l’Etude des Phenomenes Spatiaux) received last year 76 UFO reports, also increased compared to the previous year.

The increase in the number of UFO reports — which has become a yearly habit — occurs especially during July and August. Both months together valued 44 reports.

This large number of observations can be largely explained by the warm weather at that time.

No explanation

In October, there were significantly more reports than the monthly average. This can be partly explained by the exceptionally low cloud cover that month.

Many UFOs are fairly quickly explained as airplanes, stars or the ISS, but a number of reports, are still a mystery.

For example, a bright green ribbon-shaped object was spotted in the Netherlands, which is still unexplained.

Strange movements

And on August someone saw in Sommerain, Luxembourg, a star-shaped object made strange movements.

“It started as a bright object: white-blue, as large as the star Vega, which did not move at first,” describes the witness.

“The ‘star’ was moving to the west at an unusual rate. Not very fast, but not slow,” he said. “At times the ‘star’ stopped and looked like it hesitated.”