10 Most Haunted Places on Earth That Are Real 2016/2017


Page 7 – The most haunted places on earth of 2016-2017, a countdown based on 10 best most haunted places in the world. 

A countdown based on extreme paranormal events. A selection of 10 different countries, narrowed down by selecting only the number 1 haunted location of “that” particular country.

From haunted houses, haunted hotels, poltergeist, haunted castles and so much more haunted locations throughout the world that are real and scary. This list makes automatically also the top 10 scariest places on earth.

4  – The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

haunted places earth castle good hope cape town africa

Fort de Goede Hoop or The castle of Good Hope, build between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company where terrible things happened between walls.

Inside is the dungeon known as the dark hole or “Danker Gat,” a place even a suicide terrorist don’t want to stay. The dark hole was a horrific place “where they tortured prisoners” by chaining them on the wall and waiting for the winter floods to do its job. Causing a painful freezing slow death.

Visitors reports to see a tall man figure leaping off one of the castle’s walls or worse jumping off. Other witnesses hear the bells spontaneously ringing coming from the bell tower, where soldiers were hanged.

Also a beautiful Lady named Anne Barnard or Lady in grey is being spotted, who lived there in the 18th century. Her ghost has been known to appear at parties given at the castle to honor distinguished guests.

Also a ghostly black hound is seen at the castle. This dog has pounced on visitors and then it vanishes from sight.