10 Most Haunted Places on Earth That Are Real 2016/2017


Page 4 – The most haunted places on earth of 2016-2017, a countdown based on 10 best most haunted places in the world. 

A countdown based on extreme paranormal events. A selection of 10 different countries, narrowed down by selecting only the number 1 haunted location of “that” particular country.

From haunted houses, haunted hotels, poltergeist, haunted castles and so much more haunted locations throughout the world that are real and scary. This list makes automatically also the top 10 scariest places on earth.

7 – Poveglia, in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy

haunted places earth poveglia italy

Poveglia, a small island with big horrific disgusting history. A quarantine island for the ill, the dumping ground for the plague victims and mental “disturbed” people. During the plague the soil contained 50% human ash and skeletons. With such a long, gruesome history of blood and misfortune by one single doctor, it is no surprise this is the worst haunted island in the world.

The island is closed for tourism and is secured by police patrols for a very good reason. The sick sadistic doctor is bricked up in the hospital bell tower which can be heard at night across the bay. Everyone who has made it there talk about a heavy atmosphere of evil, hearing screams and tortured moans that make staying there unbearable.

A member of Ghost Adventures claimed to have been briefly possessed by an entity. Several psychics visited the abandoned hospital on that island, but all left scared to death of what they’ve sensed there.