10 Most Haunted Places on Earth That Are Real 2016/2017


Page 3 – The most haunted places on earth of 2016-2017, a countdown based on 10 best most haunted places in the world. 

A countdown based on extreme paranormal events. A selection of 10 different countries, narrowed down by selecting only the number 1 haunted location of “that” particular country.

From haunted houses, haunted hotels, poltergeist, haunted castles and so much more haunted locations throughout the world that are real and scary. This list makes automatically also the top 10 scariest places on earth.

8 – Lawang Sewu, Semarang, Indonesia

haunted places earth lawang sewu indonesia

Lawang Sewu meaning Thousand Doors, the structure owes its name to because of its numerous doors. It was Headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company.

During the war of the 40’s, many were killed by the invaders inside its walls. There are tales told of headless ghosts wandering the corridors and of a young Dutch lady who killed herself in the building, for reasons unknown.

Lawang Sewu is believed to be the most haunted place in Indonesia, many tourists visiting the site claims to have seen a ghost of a Dutch woman who committed suicide and a headless ghost.

At the basement in ‘B’ building is believed to be haunted by a disturbing vampiric ghost known locally as a Pontianak, a female vampiric ghost in Malaysian and Indonesian mythology.