10 Most Haunted Places on Earth That Are Real 2016/2017


Page 10 – The most haunted places on earth of 2016-2017, a countdown based on 10 best most haunted places in the world. 

A countdown based on extreme paranormal events. A selection of 10 different countries, narrowed down by selecting only the number 1 haunted location of “that” particular country.

From haunted houses, haunted hotels, poltergeist, haunted castles and so much more haunted locations throughout the world that are real and scary. This list makes automatically also the top 10 scariest places on earth.

1 -The Exorcist House, St. Louis, United States

haunted places earth exorcist house st louis united states

The Exorcist, a movie directed by William Friedkin, based on true events that took place in that house northwest of St. Louis called Bel Nor.

The movie is really based on a true story, confirmed by nearby residents. Instead of a girl, a boy named “Roland Doe” who got possessed and some things were drastically altered, they claim.

Roland was visited by Jesuit priests Fathers Raymond J. Bishop and William S. Bowdern They witnessed in that house a shaking bed, levitating objects, and Roland speaking in a weird voice and reacting badly to holy artifacts.

Claims of strange events were allegedly reported by subsequential owners and visitors to the house.They have heard voices claiming to be the Devil or Diablo.

According to residents and visitors the house is still haunted by an entity. If this is about the same demon is little to nothing known. A neighbor, who is not planning to leave, sleeps with holy water by her bed.

Ghost Adventures decided to bring a visit to perform research. Other ghost hunters have gone as well. All have picked up EVPs, and other supernatural encounters.

There have been software malfunctions, some felt like someone was around them, a dark heaviness, and the noise of banging.

It was put up for sale in 2005 when St. Louis’ Riverfront Times ran a long article about the crazy, dark, history of the house.  Due to it’s notoriety, it was definitely going to attract massive attention.

Personally, I don’t think that’s a good idea to send people to that house to provoke the entity.

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