Great-Granddaughter of ‘Eisenhower’ Speaks About Meetings with Aliens

great granddaughter eisenhower speaks meetings aliens

On March 18, 2016, IvolveTv published an interview with Laura Eisenhower on Youtube. The great-granddaughter of one of the highest ranked American generals in US history speaks about mind control, secret space projects, Corey Goode and secret meetings with extraterrestrials.

Eisenhower made a remarkable statement during the interview about her great-grandfather. According to her, Dwight Eisenhower was voted into 34th president of the United States on November 4, 1952, because he was an instrumental in alerting about the the military industrial complex.

Eisenhower mentions the example project paperclip that the Second World War, was not a victory, but a surrender. Admiral Byrd lost the attack on the Nazi bases in Antarctica, “so I mean, all thesis things were going on underneath … It’s like this whole other reality is going on That we do not hear about,” Eisenhower said.

Meeting with the Extraterrestrials

The alien race Nordics are in connection with the Germans. All of this had to do with covert ET programs. The history books do not tell the true history of what’s really going on at the time, the moment the meeting took place, it was seen as a surrender, because they could do little, in 1953 when the UFOs flew over the White House at that time they had negotiations with the Nazis because they had no choices. (source)

It seems that Dwight Eisenhower was forced into an agreement with the extraterrestrial involving the exchange for “their” technology for the ability to abduct humans, exercise testing and return them safely.

According to Pentagon consultant and UFO researcher Timothy Good, Eisenhower had meetings with extraterrestrial beings on more than one occasion. (source)

Connect the Dots

The interest of governments throughout the world in alien technology has a strong presence, as evidenced by thousands of documents published on websites such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, and whistle blowers:

This tells that there is knowledge of the presence of extraterrestrial life, and that there is an influence of extraterrestrial intelligence, positive and negative. Below, the full controversial interview with Ms. Eisenhower.