Google's Criminal Dark Secrets and Facts: They Don't Want You To Know

From tax avoidance, political manipulation to supporting terrorists, Google does it all. The Youtube Boycott is therefore the most arrogant hypocrite chess move ever in the technical timeline. It’s time to break Google’s dominant position. Enjoy the red pill!

Everything that Google touch is infected with negative black virus called arrogant dominance.

Google has attended the secret Bilderberg Meetings for a clear reason for many years.

Let’s start with watching the following video of Paul Joseph Watson.

Keep this in mind…


Google has helped Al Qaeda and other Salafist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood at the beginning of the Syrian conflict to gain new members, according to secret documents and emails published by Wikileaks.

Jared Cohen, the owner of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas), discussed the support of groups that were often described as rebels by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Secretary William Burns.

In July 2012, Google launched a tool that could monitor cases of desertion in Syria. The information was collected with the help of Al Jazeera spread in Syria.

This allows more people to take up arms and join the rebels.

The former policy adviser to Obama, Jake Sullivan, let Hillary Clinton know he finds it a pretty cool idea.

From an internal report shows that the US government knew in 2012 that the opposition in Syria consisted mainly of Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups.

That Americans have long supported a changing of the guard in Syria, and to this end among other wanted to fuel sectarian tensions between Shiites and Sunnis, evidenced by a diplomatic telegram dated 2006.

It can be seen that the West and its Arab allies to trigger the uprising against Assad conscious and therefore warned not to support extremists.

In an email from 2012 about the Syrian conflict consultant Sullivan wrote to Hillary Clinton that “Al Qaeda is on our side in Syria”.

The internet giant has become part of the US military industrial complex and supplies products and services of interest to military operations, as emphasized by NSA Director Keith Alexander.

Alphabet topman Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen write in The New Digital Age: “What Lockheed Martin was for the 20th century, his technology and cyber security companies for the 21st.”

Tax Evasion

Google will pay €306m (£259m) to settle a tax dispute in Italy and end a criminal investigation into whether it avoided paying the full amount on its revenues in the country for more than a decade.

The payment that Italy has secured is significantly higher than the £130m that Google agreed to pay the Treasury last year for a decade of underpaid taxes, and is the latest crackdown from Europe. George Osborne, the chancellor at the time, was criticised for letting Google off easy.

In an interview in New York Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman, confirmed the company had no intention of paying more to the UK exchequer.

The head of the internet giant Google has defiantly defended his company’s tax avoidance strategy claiming he was “proud” of the steps it had taken to cut its tax bill.

Google avoids $2 billion in taxes within a year – via the Netherlands

How does Google pay less tax?

Google uses the so-called Double Irish Dutch Sandwich structure to pay as little as possible income tax. These methods seem to work well, because Apple saves about $ 2.4 billion and Google about 2.2 billion euros (source:

Double Irish

The companies let their income generated in Europe through an Irish restricted run. This is limited to a holding managed by a tax haven and ultimately receiving income. Income is also taxed there.

Dutch Sandwich

The Netherlands is used as a sort of door of the money. Revenue from Europe is sent to the Netherlands —this is about an empty office— via Ireland, which then largely transfers revenue to the tax haven.

Google confirmed they used favourable European tax jurisdictions (beautiful word for tax avoidance) for their UK businesses.

In a Dutch video below they show you empty offices decorated with some furniture and plants.

Today, I find out that Google has adapted the algorithm. The stories about Youtube’s tax scandal are as good as disappeared.


The US tech giant Google is involved in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange unveiled during a televised speech.

“Google is directly involved in the campaign of Hillary Clinton,” Sputnik news agency quoted him.

The journalist behind the world’s most famous whistleblower website made his comments during the forum “New journalism era: goodbye to the international mainstream media” in Moscow.

Assange can count on support from behavioral psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, who has come to the conclusion that search engines increasingly influence the elections.

The higher a candidate state in the search results, the more voices that person gets, says Epstein. It is not about a few votes, but “a lot of votes.” “People have been trained to believe that” more based on truth “higher places in search results” better is.

In 2015 former Google CEO Eric Schmidt founded his company The Groundwork, with the intention to get Hillary Clinton in the White House. “It’s a very secretive organization and is probably used techniques that make sure that the votes in November go to Hillary Clinton,” Schmidt said.

If Clinton is elected, according to Assange free speech will be jeopardized? “We know what they will do,” said the whistleblower. “We’ve seen what they did in Libya. She sent the Libyan weapons to Syria”

“Google is closely linked to power in Washington,” he continued. “Google still has more control over the distribution channels and thus affects the public.”

Last year, Assange said ‘Schmidt is in a secret society giving logistical support to the presidential campaign of Clinton.

“Eric Schmidt is very close to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” he said. “He is in a secret society that provides logistical support. Schmidt as the secret weapon that few people know. Obama, Clinton and Schmidt are in the same family. ”

Google and Facebook are very powerful, they determine the mindset of billions of people, says Assange. He spoke of digital colonization. “The internet giants determine what information may be disclosed. What is controversial will be banned. ”

Assange called Clinton during his video speech “a hawk like starting wars. She forms in his eyes a threat to peace.

Youtube Boycott

Do not forget that Google participated in the annual Bilderberg meetings for IT related input. In 2016, the powerful magnets Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube(Owned by Google) sign the agreement with the European Commission to tackle hate speech online.

The Council Framework Decision 2008/913 / JHA is so vague that hate speech can literally be anything.

The Youtube Boycott is most likely linked to the agreement to push through the plan. The official story that ISIS videos are displaying advertisements from advertisers does not add up.

Large companies like Pepsi or Coca Cola have very experienced PR departments that use Google’s Adwords to install their ads. Adwords is so advanced that you can easily configure a negative campaign to not show your ads on such content.

Adwords expert shares the exact same thoughts about the Youtube Boycott.


When you put all the events together I come to the conclusion that this is a legal mafia company in the IT sector.

Panama Papers must have a link with Google. I’ve emailed and tweeted several times, they refuse to address this. Panama Papers is a stunt company set up by unknown figures who would like to point their fingers to people for low unpaid tax. At least nothing compared to Google/Youtube.

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