Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Giant Cloaked Triangle UFO Over New Jersey?

UFO hunters believe that a giant triangular vessel has visited Winslow Township.

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“Remarkable footage reveals a cloaked triangle UFO over New Jersey,” describes the English tabloid Daily Express in the headline. Is this a UFO?

[fa class=”far fa-times-circle fa-5x”] False, the giant cloaked triangular UFO over Winslow Township, New Jersey is not an unidentified flying object. NOSS Triangle Satellite Formation can be excluded because there were no satellites to create this formation. The flickering white-orange glow and monotonous movement demonstrates that these are Chinese lanterns.

The author Sebastian Kettley of the English tabloid Daily Express wrote on June 10, 2020, a story about a giant triangular UFO that flew over the city of Winslow Township at 9pm on May 31. The video appeared on the YouTube channel Ovni Vids.

UFO Daily Sightings, a conspiracy theory website runned by Scott C. Waring, writes about a cloaked triangular flying object.

Waring writes in his article, “The UFO is cloaked and only these lights are visible.”

Waring theorizes that the three points of light may be windows from which the aliens can look down or perhaps it’s the propulsion of the flying object.

“The lights may be windows into the ship and aliens may be watching from above, or they may be part of the propulsion system,” he continues.

The orange glow is an indication that this is a heat source, such as candles. This is visible halfway through the video.

In an old clip posted on Elvis1721 three Chinese lanterns in a triangle formation looks strikingly of that in the alleged UFO video.

No UFO reports have been made by the residents of this city and no press releases from local newspapers can be found. The video shows striking much resemblance with the UFO video posted on the YouTube channel Ovni Vid. The triangular giant UFO is Chinese lanterns in a triangle formation.

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