German police thwarts possible attack by Syrian arrest suspect

Special units of the German police and the Federal Public Prosecution Service arrested a nineteen-year-old Syrian on Tuesday morning in Schwerin, northern Germany, who would have planned a bombing. According to the German Foreign Minister, a “heavy terrorist attack” has been prevented.

The nineteen-year-old suspect had been watched for some time now and would have been arrested “at the right time”. “Late enough to secure evidence and at the same time early enough to prevent danger.”

The suspect Yamen A. would like to kill or injure as many people as possible with an “Islamist motivated” attack with powerful explosives. According to the Public Prosecution Service, he had already begun to purchase parts and chemicals for a bomb. Whether or not he had a specific goal, according to the OM, is still unclear.

The Syrians had contact via the internet with someone who presented himself as a “soldier of the caliphate”. “However, we do not know who this person is and whether he has encouraged the suspect in his plans,” said a spokesperson for the OM. The arrested man is therefore not suspected of membership of a terrorist organization for the time being.


In addition to the suspect’s home, other people’s homes have been searched, including in Hamburg. None of the people found in those homes were arrested.

Minister De Maizière said that the level of terrorist threat in Germany remains high. He said that security services in the federal states and the Federal Republic, both nationally and internationally, work closely together and, where necessary, coherently and consistently.”