Former McDonald’s Employee Shows Shocking Photos


A former McDonald’s employee shows disgusting photos made at the kitchen of McDonald in Louisiana.

On Twitter, Nick shares some shocking photos how seriously the restaurant in Louisiana is about hygiene. Apparently totally not.

Imagine you take a refreshing ice cream and you lick that shit.

Nick told Huffington Post that the staff is not allowed to clean the machine but only the managers. According to his story, the staff is treated like stupid work donkeys.

In other pictures, the former employee shows that the food is not fresh but comes straight from the freezer. Not really a surprise but just to show the people.

Here are more pictures how dirty the kitchen floor is. A kitchen must be clean because the kitchen staff spreads that throughout the kitchen. This can be very dangerous because you can slip, but this also attracts unwanted guests like rats or cockroaches who can carry bacteria and virus.

According to Nick, he has not missed anything but just sacrificed his job to show the people the truth.

McDonalds Lousiana’s managers had attempted to convince Nick to remove the photos.

“They told me to remove the tweets,” he said. He continues “they accuse me of defamation.”

Nick has now found a new job.

My Feedback on these disgusting photos?

This picture could indeed be about a tray that collects the lubricating grease from the machine, but of course, it’s nowhere near the ice cream.

I do not claim that this employee is lying but the dirt on the floor could be planned. Finally, there are only a few photos. He could

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have a motive, for example, he would have had problems at work and post the photos as revenge on social networks.

Of course, there are bad McDonald restaurants. The McDonalds in Puerto Banús is very dirty and not customer-friendly but the McDonald in Marbella is super good.

The responsibility lies with the managers and the franchise. Not to the staff or the McDonalds branch.

And besides, when it comes to a real dirty restaurant, he comes with very little evidence.

The truth of this story depends on whether the legal threat is a serious threat and/or that the charge of defamation has already been filed.

Because if you are accused you take yourself in defense.

So the story can get a little tail.

How do you think about Nick’s actions? Do you agree with Nick and why? Do you also have complaints about McDonald’s? Share them in the comments section below.

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