Footprints Prove Apollo 11 was a hoax, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

Conspiracy theorists believe NASA’s moon landing is fake because the footprints on the moon do not match the space boots. Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that Neil Armstrong was wearing space boots with no prints. This photo has been used to prove that the US never went to the moon. Is Neil Armstrong’s space boots proof the moon landing is fake?

Neil Armstrong’s space boots is not proof the moon landing was fake. The astronaut wears a one-piece spacesuit that covers the arms, body, and feet. To protect the astronaut against rips and tears he wore overshoes over his suit and the sole matches the prints on the moon. There is plenty of photographic and video evidence that confirms this.

Conspiracy theorists believe the moon landing is fake because the footprints on the moon do not match Neil Armstrong’s space boots.

“The footprints don’t match the suit!” said Colin Woody, a conspiracy theorist. “The moon landing was fake cause they had no rocket launch system to get off the moon,” Colin continued.

However, the conspiracy theorists left out an important piece of information—overshoes were used on the moon, and they match the prints on the moon perfectly.

Left: The footprint on the moon – Credits: NASA | Right: The sole of the overshoe – Credits: National Air and Space Museum

The overshoes worn by Neil Armstrong during the first moonwalk were made from silicon rubber, and they were developed by General Electric.

Sunday, July 20, 2014, GE released for sale its moon boot-inspired limited edition sneakers, “The Missions.”

The Missions – Credits Jack Threads

In conclusion, we can say that the evidence of a fake moon landing is inconclusive because the left footprint on the moon does match the pattern of the overshoes worn to protect the astronaut and this evidence is documented in photos and videos.

The conspiracy theory was started by Bill Kaysing with his book We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle in 1976. He claimed that he had inside knowledge of a government conspiracy to fake the moon landings because he worked as a technical writer for one of the rocket manufacturers for NASA’s Apollo moon missions.

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