Fired Catalan leader Puigdemont respects elections

The fired Catalan president Carles Puigdemont announced in a speech in Brussels on Tuesday that it would honor the elections announced by the Spanish Government on 21 December.

It was previously speculated that Puigdemont would call for a government in exile, or would like to apply for political asylum in Belgium. Neither is the question. However, Puigdemont said that part of his government’s future period will remain politically active in Catalonia.

Previously, the Spanish government already called on the fired Catalan president to join the elected elections on 21 December. “I think he has to prepare for the forthcoming elections, and then he can start his democratic opposition,” said a spokesperson.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced elections to Catalonia on Friday. On December 5, the political parties may begin their election campaign.


Puigdemont said he had come to Brussels because he currently does not have the guarantees to carry out his work from Barcelona. He called again for dialogue with Madrid and called the attitude of the Spanish government “warlike.” The European Union must take the lead against the “Spanish violence.”


Puigdemont did not know how long he stays in Belgium. However, he agreed to return to Spain if he received “sufficient guarantees” from the government in Madrid.

The Spanish prosecutor declared Monday the Catalan politicians who wanted to prosecute after the referendum for rebellion and clearance against Spain. On Tuesday, the High Court announced that it had also opened a case against Carme Forcadell, the President of the Catalan Parliament, and other important parliamentarians in the region.

Forcadell and five others must testify Thursday and Friday for the Supreme Court, a spokeswoman said. Attorney General Jose Manuel Maza announced that the Catalan parliament should also be prosecuted for abuse of tax money.


Just before the speech by Puigdemont in Brussels, the Spanish constitutional court knew the independence of the parliament of Catalonia had been removed. The regional government called on independence on Friday after ninety percent of Catalan voters had said in the referendum ‘Apart from Spain’.

Madrid has always said that both the referendum and the statement are unconstitutional. The court underlines that now.

Puigdemont speaks in Brussels. Catalonia's ousted regional president says he's not in Belgium to seek political asylum.

Posted by Euronews English on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Prior to the press conference, Puigdemont visited the office of the European Free Alliance. In this, some forty parties are united based on more self-determination, including the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). Puigdemont says he had no contact with Belgian politicians.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has announced in a reply to the announcement of Puigdemont that the deputy leader has “the same rights and duties as any European citizen.” No more and no less. ” Michel emphasizes that the government has not taken any steps to encourage Puigdemont to come to Belgium. “Free movement within the Schengen area offers him the opportunity.”

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