Fighter Pilot Epic Response To Mick West About UFO Video

Mick West, a debunker with a background in physics and computer programming, has an explanation for the mysterious rotating object in the video. He believes that the object is rotating because the camera itself is rotating. This claim is based on his analysis of the video and how it was made. What does fighter pilot LT. Ryan Graves, a man who’s seen a lot of strange things in his time, have to say about Mick West’s explanation about the Gimbal UFO video?

Fighter pilot LT. Ryan Graves reacted to the Gimbal UFO explanation by Mick West. According to Graves, pilots are confused with what they saw and that argument doesn’t correlate to reality. He says that we should look at the radar data instead. The problem is, that data is strictly secret.

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If you’ve heard of Mick West, you’ve probably heard he’s a disinfo agent. But is that really true? And what does the truth have to do with the Gimbal UFO video? We’re here to tell you!

According to some conspiracy theorists, Mick West works for the government as a disinformation agent. He has been accused of lying about his motives in order to confuse people who are looking into the Gimbal UFO video and other similar cases.

Other people say he just doesn’t want to believe in UFOs.

According to Lions Ground, Mick West’s motive is much simpler, namely, experience. We believe that his involvement with this case is a result of his past investigations into similar UFO sightings—and they think that this experience makes him more qualified than most conspiracy theorists when it comes time for him to talk about these things on camera.

Chilean Navy “UFO” video

The Chilean navy had captured a video of an unknown object with infrared technology. The footage was released by the government in 2017, during which time Mick teamed up with other experts to analyze it and explain what might be occurring on camera.

In the grainy black-and-white video, a strange form could be seen moving rapidly across the sky and emitted fiery plumes at one point. A special team made up of scientists, military officers, and other professionals was created to investigate it.

After meticulously examining the case for two years, the nation’s military ruled out all reasonable explanations—and ultimately came to the conclusion that this thing was a “real unknown.”

The researchers published their findings and also shared the mysterious film.

According to the video and accounts of highly trained professionals with many years of experience, in addition to “full participation” from academia and armed forces sources within her Chilean government, Leslie Kean praised the development as a “groundbreaking,” “exceptional” discovery. The UFO community cheered wildly.

Three days later, Mick and others recognized Iberia flight 6830 leaving Santiago airport—the infrared camera’s extraordinary magnification and restricted viewing angle causing the strange movement. There had been a mix-up and the contrails were thought to be smoke.

The plane’s engine glare obscured it from view, making it look strange. Radar data showed that the UFO and the plane had similar locations—and so did skeptics of alien visitations.

The incidents involving unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), which UFO enthusiasts say have fantastic evidence pointing to something incredible, is similar in some ways to the current US navy crisis.

Gimbal UFO Video

We are shown hazy videos from military-grade infrared cameras as evidence that has, ostensibly, defied examination—similar to the Chilean case.

However, once more, when the evidence is scrutinized by the public—and there are plenty of writers out there willing to do just that—these supposedly important statements disappear. So-called black-and-white videos that have served as a backdrop for countless UFO news reports underwent in depth scrutiny by Mick and many others.

A video entitled “Gimbal” is especially striking because it depicts what appears to be a real flying saucer soaring above the clouds.

But when he saw the Chilean UFO, he quickly thought of a less unusual explanation: the infrared glow from a distant jet’s engines. This theory was later verified by some inquiry.

After Mick checked the patents for the camera, he found that they described a de-rotation mechanism for “gimbal roll,” which would definitely cause glares to rotate as seen in the video. This is also why it was probably given its secret code name by navy officials—the word ‘Gimbal’ rather than, say “Flying Saucer.”

The case of “Go Fast” is not a unique one. Other recordings that UFO enthusiasts also deem exceptional have fallen victim to analysis very soon—and with similar results. For example, “GoFast” was more like a balloon drifting in the wind than it was something truly moving quickly.

Due to the apparent movement of the camera and its gimbal rolls, what appeared at first as a small ball seen in “Tic Tac” was actually shown to be something more like an airplane.

For two days, the Green Pyramid was hailed as the best UFO film ever made—­until Mick pointed out that it actually resembled an out-of-focus airplane captured in night vision with a triangular aperture.


The truth is that most UFO footage is faked or misinterpreted. The fact that there are so many hoaxes, however, does not mean that all of them are created equal.

It is important to be able to spot a hoax, but even more important is an understanding of why people create them. To learn more about how the UFO phenomenon has changed since the 1940s, we recommend watching our YouTube series “Education & Learning” below, in six easy steps you know how to spot the fakery!

UFO videos are all over the internet, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know which ones are real and which ones are fake? It’s actually quite simple!

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