Fast and Furious Actress Jordana Brewster Is a Reptilian Shapeshifter?

The eyes of the Fast and Furious actress Jordana Brewster turned into a reptile. We received this video two days ago and we are sharing our research.

‘Until the End for The Truth’, a user from Miami, United States sent us a strange video depicting Jordana Brewster in a video and suddenly you see her eyes into some sort reptilian eyes.

Watch the video to have a look together, this recording was taken with a phone because the video is vertical.

We failed to do a reverse image search so we went to check out Jordana Brewster’s social network. On her Instagram we came across the same video, but it is cut, however we found a copy on YouTube.

We’ve put the original video left and the alleged video with the reptilian eyes on the right.

As you can see the video is fake.

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