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General most frequently asked questions.

Below you can read the following extras depending on the choice of subscription.


Members can attend all private and public live-shows by voice or camera.

Scrolling credits

Ticker displays names during live-shows.


Get in touch with each other, share things on your profile, make friends & advanced forum.


Early access & hidden content.

Answer question

A question will be answered once a month on video.

Mention name

Usernames will be mentioned in the video description.

Do video

A member can request a video. It can be anything as long as it is related to UFOs and mysteries.

Personal thanks

A member is personally thanked by name(username) in a video.

Private live

A private live stream of up to 30 minutes.


Your logo and slogan in the beginning of a Lions Ground video (max 10 seconds) and in every article.

Site banner

We put a banner somewhere on the website with your name, logo, or brand.

You can interactively join private and public live-shows per chat, voice, and camera with our Discord server. Watch the tutorial video below how you can access the Discord server:

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No, it is not possible to request your money back. The website clearly explains provides you all the information you need to know. By signing up you agree with our policy and terms of service. If you have chosen a wrong subscription, you must contact us within 24 hours.

You are entitled to your reward. All rewards can be claimed at the ‘Reward Section‘ forum section.

This is largely explained in a video on the registration page. For years Lions Ground has served people free of charge unbiased and factual journalism and income was earned through Adsense.

Today we live in an era where information is suppressed in various ways, mainly by sabotaging financially. Information on Lions Ground is protected in this way against spies of powerful companies.

Lions Ground wants to continue as a crowdfunding news platform so that nobody can influence freedom of information.

The male lion is Heathcliff’s favorite animal and is also the weapon of his country the Netherlands and the province where he lived. The male lion stands proud, with all his strength he guards his territory and fights until his death.

The ground has two meanings. It stands for “I Stand My Ground” and “I struggle and I emerge” derived from Luctor et Emergo the slogan of the province that derived from the 1585 battle against Spain.

Lions Ground has been built from the ground up.

Unofficially, on the birthday of Heathcliff on July 19th, 2000, in Salou, Catalunya, Spain (as long as that is still the case)


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Privacy related frequently asked questions.

Your comments are only visible to logged in members and and is invisible to search engines.

Yes, lionsground.com meets since 9 May 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The aim of the GDPR is to protect all citizens from privacy and data breaches. During the registration, the person must agree that we collect basic data and under account the user can delete the account with all data (right to be forgotten). We go a step further, this also applies for non-European countries. Lions Ground protects and respects privacy at all times.

No, public account data will not be found on search engines. Lions Ground has blocked access to bot crawlers.

Screenshot: Google Webmaster tools trying to crawl members section.

Lions Ground do not collect sensitive credit card details and does not have access to your credit card number or CVC code.

Almost every website such as Patreon is not transparent what credit card details is being collected.

Lions Ground is so transparent that it is demonstrated in this video.

Lions Ground does not collect data. Basic information such as username, email and all other fields you fill out in your profile is visible for Lions Ground. Payment services will pass on your address. This is legally required and to prevent fraud.

Lions Ground does not have access to sensitive data such as your password or credit card details.

Lions Ground blocks espionage websites by not using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ — known as social integration — and Adsense. We do use Google webmaster tools and Analytics. Hereby website behavior is being monitored and they look in your browser’s data such as browse and search history and cookies.

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Account related frequently asked questions.

Login, click the profile icon in the main menu. On the left under settings you have the option to delete your account. Please note, terminate your subscription first before deleting your account.

Login, click on the profile icon in the menu. On the right side you will find the “Members Menu” and at the bottom you will find “Your subscription”. Please note, when changing your subscription you have to pay immediately. Lions Ground advise to change the subscription at the end of your current current subscription.

No problem, visit the lost password page.

You cannot change your username.

Login, click on the profile icon in the menu. On the left click “Settings”.

Login, click on the profile icon in the menu. On the left click “Settings”.

Login, click on the profile icon in the menu. On the left click on “Change Cover Image”.

Login, click on the profile icon in the menu. On the left click on “Change Profile Photo”.

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