True Facts About Secureteam10


True facts about Secureteam10 is a fact checking article with interesting facts about the popular UFO channel owned by Tyler Glockner.


SecureTeam10’s Official Logo

Secureteam10 has an averaged 620,533 views and generates revenue between €1,500 and €2,000 per day, according to statistics site Social Blade. That’s between €45,000($48,575) and €60,000($64,755) per month on revenue.


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  • Stacey Rosbury

    where does that revenue come from? youtube?

    • Hi Stacey, Yes the advertisement in the videos or next to the videos, and also selling his stories to news outlets who easily pay $500 or more per story.

  • Jamie Santos

    Although I know Tyler ‘Secure Team’ to be an absolute mental midget and scammer you are equally disingenuous in your ‘investigations’.
    Honestly, who could take seriously a citizen journalist who ‘reports’ on a YT’er committing to performing live sex if she reaches 1 million subs? If you have to use headlines like that for click bait then you are no better than ‘Secure Team’.
    I know exactly what you are up to though, and, while you may think that you are doing humanity a favor by professing to ‘debunk’ the Ashtar video you are actually doing great harm.
    Our mouths are instruments to be used for honorable expressions but few possess honorable hearts and minds. You are obviously one of those.

    • Dear Jamie,

      I’m sorry you feel so negative about us. We do our best to share stories what is happening around the globe. There is always a chance that a subject is less appealing to you.

      I advise you not to click on titles that do not appeal to you.