Proof that Facebook is a rendezvous point for IS terrorists

Prove that Facebook is a rendezvous point for IS terrorists

On March 4, I discovered that Facebook is a playground for terrorists where they can retrieve information from events to plan attacks and gain knowledge to improve their strategies against the Western world.

It has become clear that the line between terrorists and your child on Facebook is very thin. At one moment I am on the Facebook profile of my little niece and one click further I end up on a Facebook account filled with  terrorist friends.

The terrorists leave behind a big “I do not give a fuck” statement because the profiles in question are public.

Screenshot: Facebook terrorist friendlist. Account can be found here.


In an old Youtube video, I have talked about how Facebook is making the work for a burglar very easy by means of carelessness and indifference of Facebook users and the Facebook software. Do a simple search “I go on vacation” and the burglar gets a list of possible targets to break into.

If this goes so easily for burglars let alone terrorist attacks. Just search for upcoming events, maybe you’ll find information about security. Enough time to plan an attack, consult a blueprint of the building and find out who is involved and you have a perfect planned attack in the agenda.


I immediately reported to Facebook. It is up to Facebook to ensure the safety of the people by removing the profiles and they did today.

The question remains, have they deleted the account without going through the friends list?

Share links in the comment section of terrorists so that we can keep an eye on Facebook what they do with the reports.

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