Researchers: “Evidence the Hills on Mars are left by Alien Civilization”

Can we really rely on their words?


Is the face on Mars a geological formation left by an intelligent civilization?

Scientists have studied the pictures of Cydonia and write about their findings in the Journal of Space Exploration.

Researchers have examined the images taken by the Mars Express ESA and the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA.

Researchers: "Evidence the Hills on Mars are left by Alien Civilization"Artificial interventions

They discovered a geometric pattern in the distribution of the “hills” on the Martian surface.

The scientists note that the photos of the Viking probes of NASA sent to Earth already shows strong evidence of what they call “artificial interventions’ to the surface.

The ‘hills’ are an elegant and concise way to an intelligent race to show another intelligence that they have knowledge of geometry, primes and quantum mechanical properties of the electron spin — if left by a civilization, claims the researchers.


Last year, researchers claimed the Viking landers to have found actual evidence of life on the red planet.

In the magazine Astrobiology, they write that the evidence points in the direction of microorganisms that have adapted to the extreme conditions on Mars.

Life on Mars is a possibility that should be considered, the scientists concluded.