Eerie UFO Sighting, Spinning Lights in London
Weird light formation, east London - credits: Zain Venturi

LEYTON, LONDON – UFO eyewitnesses shares video on social network in which weird strange spinning light can be seen.

One of the witnesses, Zain Venturi, who noticed four days ago the spinning light moving around in the London sky said on Twitter: “Strange lights over East London. I wonder what it could be?”

Tabloid Daily Express headlined the story with “Londoners to Panic” in where you can read a dramatization version of the event.

Taken in Leyton, east London.

In the video you see white dots in a circle formation with a kind of bluish glow. The tabloid talks about a terrifying video.

Laser Feast

The source of the eerie lights is Lloyd Park. This is about the Nest, Laser Feast by Marshmallow in collaboration with Erland Cooper.

Scott Brando of UFO of Interest solved the mystery first. The respected Italian debunker said: “Unbelievable there are people living there really don’t know events in their own city #facepalm.”

…and here’s another example of an unknown location shared by Jxsunyan.

Live Stream

Also in the Lions Ground live-stream, attention has been paid to this high-profile light show.