Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Dutch Media NOS Spreads Fake News About Donald Trump

The Dutch media spread biased fake news about Donald Trump.

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This week, the broadcasting organization NOS intentionally changed Donald Trump’s words on national Dutch television. Isn’t that the definition of being fake news?

On November 3, Donald Trump did a speech in which he said that the voting must be stopped due to the alleged ongoing fraud. The Dutch government-owned media company NOS twisted the president’s words.

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Donald Trump says: “We want all the voting to stop”. The NOS translates this into: “We want all the counting to stop”. People on the internet are suggesting that the left fears Trump will win.

Evident in one of their YouTube videos, news article and on television, the NOS shamelessly twisted the words of president Donald Trump.

Not the first time

It is not the first time that NOS has spread disinformation. For example, this broadcaster manipulated the 2014 BBC interview with President Putin in which it appears that the Russian president tried to avoid the questions of BBC Panorama’s John Sweeney.

The NOS says in the voice-over that when Sweeney tried to ask Putin questions but he is being ignored.

The original footage shows that Putin took his time to answer Sweeney’s questions related to the Ukraine tragedy.


The NPO is also guilty spreading disinformation about Donald Trump. The NPO is part of the NOS. The NOS formed a single legal organization together with the coordination and cooperation body NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting): the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation known as NOS.

On Sunday, the host of the talk show Buitenhof, Twan Huys, was put on his spot by the American ambassador Pete Hoekstra because the Dutch media misrepresent Trump’s statements.

Huys claimed that Trump had accused doctors of earning money from the corona crisis. In reality, the president had said that doctors who list Covid-19 as the cause of death get more paid. Which is accurate, says Hoekstra.

In addition to the NOS and NPO, the Dutch news organization De Telegraaf walks the same path in which Trump’s words have been twisted.

The newspaper writes on their website: “President Donald Trump has hinted that he wants to stop vote counting in all states. To that end, the Supreme Court should decide. The president is already claiming victory but sees “fraud,” he said in a speech at 2:30 a.m. US time, to the anger of the Biden campaign. “Never before in our history has a president tried to steal their vote from Americans.”

The American ambassador Pete Hoekstra says he is used to the Dutch media like to twist words.

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3 months ago

90% of the Dutch speak English, (fact) if the NOS really translated incorrectly, many people would have realized this.

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