Dr. Steven Greer meditation to manifest alien contact (CE5)

Dr. Steven Greer claims he meditates to interact with extraterrestrials called CE-5 short for Close encounter of the fifth kind.

A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind is an event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans. With his CE-5 program he teaches people to communicate with aliens such as ghost hunters using the ouija board to contact the deceased, sometimes they make contact with evil souls and dark entities (they say).

The question is, is it also possible to come into contact with evil aliens?


In the video “Guided CE-5 Meditation with Dr. Steven Greer” he says in a sitting position “Namaste” at the end of his session. This proves that Steven Greer has no respect for Hindu culture and that he does not understand the value and meaning of Namaste.

Namaste is supposed to be said to an individual, not like Steven Greer says to a group of people online. You don’t say Namaste in the end because it’s a greeting. What Steven Greer does, he says hello at the end of a job interview.

You say Namaste standing while making a bow towards the person, Steven Greer said Namaste in a sitting position. That’s pure disrespectful. You must have seen it somewhere online, Steven Greer meditating with a group of people somewhere in a dusty dry desert environment.

For a payment of two cups of coffee you can download the app from Steven Greer that helps people make contact with aliens on their own. In a Guided CE-5 Meditation with Dr. Steven Greer says “Namaste” at the end.

The Thai people globalized this word 20 years before India and the Thai people have not forgotten good traditional value of this word. The Thai people say “Sawasdee krab or Sawasdee Kra for females” so gracefully it compels you to say “Sawasdee krab or Sawasdee Kra” back to them.

No matter if it is the king of Thailand or the vendor on the street. They say it to you whether you’re a Thai national or a foreigner. The thai people borrowed that learning from a part of the world which is now called India.

In Hinduism, God resides in everyone and namaste is a way of respecting the other persons in us all. The gesture literally means “I am bowing down to the divine in you” namaste is the union of spirits who respect each other’s existence.

The God in You

Namaste teaches that we must respect the God in every human because the God is not in any temple or any church, statue, etc. The God is in you and me, we must respect each other but the foolishness of the world is we don’t respect human beings anymore we respect reputation, status, position, fame, and take a selfie with a church decorated in gold where a man walks around with a basket asking for money while that contradicts what Jesus was against, a buddha statue, piece of square stone we call Mecca, or Gohonzon as the teachings clearly writes no images or anything should be praised. … but we feel proud of it by making a selfie but we won’t go and take a selfie with the fireman, police officer, or surgeon who keeps you safe. Therein lies the foolishness.

This word called namaste which taught respect has been completely forgotten. We have forgotten to respect the God in the human being and that’s exactly the reason why we live in a world today.

We are divided into upper class, middle class, lower class, and the invisible. This value in the word namaste is totally forgotten and twisted today. Like Steven Greer is doing.

Now you know exactly the value of Namaste.

We find it very interesting that this word comes out of the mouth of Dr. Steven Greer. He says this while he is the one who wanders in the darkness of ignorance, deception, and hate towards others.


A witness left a testimony who participated in the outdoor CE-5 meditation. Lions Ground shares the exclusive story:

“The worst and most disheartening part of this experience was witnessing the CSETI’s field contact protocol.

At the site, a number of devices such as a radio transmitter, magnetometer, radar detectors, infrared scope, etc. were arranged.

Even though I don’t doubt Dr. Greer may have had several ET experiences in the past, what I observed in the field that night is inconsistent with his hyperbolic claims suggesting he can vector ETs and make them appear.

His actions and the facts demonstrated that at the very least this is a bold exaggeration. Not surprisingly, to cover up for this assertion Dr. Greer made sure to bring out a series of possibilities for a ‘no show’ prior to the field excursion.

According to him, sometimes the ETs might not appear because, “there is someone in the group without good intent and a clean heart” or “the ETs feel threatened by US military” or “even though they won’t fully materialize they will manifest in a thousand other ways”.

Conveniently, there were plenty of people at hand, mostly staff, who would come forward to state that while meditating they saw this or heard that. Most amusing though were Dr. Greer’s remarks at the beeps and sounds made by his electronic equipment.

You see, according to him an ET he named Walter communicates via one of these electronic devices and Dr. Greer is able to recognize which beeps he makes. Additionally, the large quantity of “WOW!” and “Oh my God!” remarks coming out of Dr. Greer’s mouth over unseen or imaginary nonevents was sadly hilarious. Often times he would point his mega laser beam at some spot in the sky and claim he was seeing a partly materialized ET craft. Of course, any one else saw nothing even though, according to him, many significant events were taking place that night because “we were such a great group”.

To make matters worse, Dr. Greer supplemented the lack of any occurrence with information he received via “remote viewing”. I found this charade insulting to my intelligence, intuitiveness and psychic sensibilities.

I know ETs were not present that night and I would have respected Dr. Greer if he had been forthright and acknowledged the fact that there was no activity. I would understand; it happens.

Because I experienced first hand Dr. Greer’s tendency to fabricate, exaggerate and embellish nonevents at the CSETI field trip, it then follows that the accuracy and validity of everything he claims in his books is in question since it’s evident that, at the very least, he stretches the truth to the point where it becomes short of being an outright lie.”

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, had some sort of collaboration: “I cooperated with Steve Greer some years ago, but he began to overreach his data continuously, necessitating a withdrawal by myself, and, I believe, several others. I have requested to be removed from any website, announcements, etc., but see that has not taken place.”

He is not happy at all with Steven Greer taking advantage of him and basically all claims made by Greer about Mitchell is not true, he says: “I object to being misused in this fashion and acquire guilt by association with certain claims that simply are not true.”

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Steven Greer apparently cut and pasted an interview with lawyer Daniel Sheehan to defame two characters in which the documentary gives the impression that the lawyer has some involvement. The lawyer felt compelled to post an official statement on Facebook to address the disinformation created by Steven Greer.

I just gave you three huge examples. Here’s the irony, Steven Greer has studied and practiced Transcendental Meditation and Baha’i religion for years.

Jo Undeadcookiemonster says, “I know some Baha’i. Nice people. And not half as unscientific as dr Steven Greer.”

Social principles of Baha’i religion

  • Unity of God (He says Namaste but disrespects the god in other people)
  • Unity of humanity (He clearly is creating a divorce, like Osvaldo Franco indicates)
  • Elimination of all forms of prejudice (he commits character assassination on Mellon, Elizondo, Tom deLonge, without form of proof, etc.)
  • World peace and a new world order (You don’t make world peace if you destroy unity in ufology with lies)
  • Harmony of religion and science (he abuses religion and has no knowledge of science)
  • Independent investigation of truth (he lies and makes people believe in his lies)
  • Backbiting and gossip are not allowed (I gave you three good examples of backbiting and gossiping)
  • Begging as a profession is forbidden (Asking people to share his documentary to promote his fake documentary and his paying app just like that.)

CKLegion says: “You know he’s most likely not going to respond, that could be seen as admitting he was wrong. And since he was on Tyler’s channel chances are he knows your deal. I think he’ll be, Do you honestly think he will react???”

No, I know he’s not going to respond. From our experience, he or his representative only responds when it gives an advantage.

  • They responded when I show interest in sharing his documentary
  • They responded when I trick them into thinking I’m going to buy their app
  • They ignored me twice when asking questions they didn’t want to address.
  • Steven Greer practices Transcendental Meditation, a specific form of silent , mantra meditation. He was not silent during his livestream meditation session. Whether he teaches this kind of meditation to people is unknown. The volunteer, who represents Steven Greer’s app, answered my emails and cannot tell me what they exactly practice.

The volunteer said: “There is no specific type of mediation that is used. It’s a guided meditation by Dr. Greer with time of silence.” I assume this is about Transcendental Meditation or parts of Transcendental Meditation mixed with other exercises.

That they can’t answer a simple question about what type of meditation they teach, but teaching people guided meditation is something we should worry about.

There’s something we need to tell you.

Study found that long-term meditators have more frequent lucid dreams compared to people without meditation experience. A lucid dream is a type of realistic dream where the dreamer Becomes aware that they are dreaming. Better yet, a lucid dreamer determines and controls his own dream.

Pay close attention. Steven Greer introduce people to meditation. In his livestream he also literally tells you what to imagine. So, people who at some point can realize and control their dreams. We’re not talking about fake photos, drones, airplanes etc. that he captured outdoors and claims the aliens made contact, we’re just talking about people who have installed the app and end up in a lucid dream by practicing meditation independently.

For the dreamer, the alien encounter is real, but in reality it is just a dream. A lucid dream.

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Dr. Greer is pretty selfless, and I believe his heart is in the right place. I have never had the impression that he was spreading anything other than TRUTH, LOVE, and PEACE. I do question your motives at the CE5 event you say you attended with Dr. Greer due to this article, maybe your Heart wasn’t in the right place?

Warm Regards,


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