Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Documents George W. Bush about Skull and Bones released soon

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The former president of America, George W. Bush, was part of Skull and Bones. Two former US Supreme Court judges were part of it. And US Secretary of State John Kerry was a member of a secret society known as Skull and Bones.

Most members of Skull and Bones ends up in high positions, some think that the society has a dark goal. According to conspiracy theorists, it is one of the groups that want to establish a New World Order.

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What it really means to be a member of this elite club, is a mystery. And that creates suspicion. What happens behind the doors of the clubhouse, called Tomb? What plans are the members of Skull and Bones making?

Macabre Rituals

We will perhaps soon know more, since the presidential library of George W. Bush is about to release more than 1,000 pages of Skull and Bones documents. The pieces will be released in July unless Bush or President Barack Obama will prevent it for happening. This writes the leading American political site Politico.

People claim the secretive group is doing macabre rituals. According to a rumor the Tomb contains the skull of Geronimo and other occult objects. Over the years there have been several books written about this society. The American television program 60 Minutes devoted attention to it.

Skull and Bones came in the spotlights in the early nineties, when members of Skull and Bones went to court to ensure that women can not be members of this secret society. In 2004, there was renewed attention to the secret society members when Bush and Senator John Kerry took part in the presidential election.

According to Politico, Robert Gaylon Ross Sr., author of several books about conspiracies and elites in America and the rest of the world, filed a WOB request on the documents.

Ross wrote in the book “Who’s Who of the Elite” on members of groups that are associated with conspiracy theories, including the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, and Skull and Bones.


The question is, who of the presidential candidates is member of Skull and Bones? Answer this, and you know who’s going to be the next president.

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