Difficulty Level About the UFO CIA Case

A new case every day and every case has its obstacles.

Some of the claims are quite easy to debunk but some are extremely tricky like the UFO Incident in Norway covered in a CIA document.

As a debunker I follow the story in reverse to get to the source of a story.

“Return to the root and you will find the meaning.”- Sengcan

The first problem with this case is that it took place in 1952. At the time, they did not use the internet where every publication can easily be found.

The second biggest problem is language. I have to search for German and Norwegian words. This only jeopardizes the investigation that can lead to errors.

Luckily I was able to find a few references and this brought me to the Air Force where they keep logs of radar and special air traffic situations.

In this story, it was claimed that Norwegian planes flew for an hour around the crashed flying saucer. Thanks to the Air Force, I learn that this never happened.

The problem with declassified documents such as those from the CIA is that people are adopting this too figuratively. This is accompanied by fantasy because it ties in with their ideology.

Most documents simply show a conversation with references to news publications. What such a document tells is that they are interested in the story, they have never claimed in the document that this is really a crashed UFO.

However, this is the work for the CIA not me.

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