Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10?

The very first readers request is about the infamous Secureteam10 YouTube channel.

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On October 24, a user sent an email under the false address [email protected] with the following question: Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10?

No, Lions Ground did not buy the YouTube channel Secureteam10. This conspiracy theory is created by YouTubers to protect Secureteam10 and discredit the heavy violations by the channel in question.

We have our own YouTube channel and for that reason, we are not interested in buying a YouTube channel.

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Disinformation has also been circulated that Lions Ground has purchased the logo. The designer of the artwork has signed a copyright transfer agreement so that copyright claims can be filed. This immediately invalidates the following claim, “Lions Ground has made false copyright claims”.

The CTA is designed so that Lions Ground is legally the copyright owner of the artwork.

The artwork used by Secureteam10 was created by a Chinese designer during a competition organized by Dell. For that reason, we first contacted the organizer of the competition. Dell confirmed that the copyright of the design is tied to the candidates who lost the contest. This confirms that Mr. Ying is the copyright owner of the alien artwork that has been used commercially by Secureteam10 for years without permission.

YouTube first handled this case incorrectly, which resulted in the termination of our YouTube channel. Months later, YouTube came to the conclusion that the copyright claims are legitimate resulting in our channel being reinstated and the content removed from Secureteam10’s YouTube channel.

The next claim, “Lions Ground” is holding Secureteam10 hostage “.

False, Lions Ground doesn’t obstruct Secureteam10 from making videos. In fact, a few months ago, the two parties communicated with each other.

Lions Ground released all copyright claims with as condition Secureteam10 may not publish misleading content.

Lions Ground did not buy Secureteam10 and is not holding the channel hostage.

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Jen Natalia
Jen Natalia
3 months ago

1. [ redacted: comment policy violation ]
2. Holding the copyright to someone’s logo that you have no plans to use doesn’t scream “good intentions.” Why hold someone back if they have nothing to do with you?

Last edited 3 months ago by Lions Ground

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