Did Alexa said the government released the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

These kinds of hoaxes are distasteful and dangerous.

A man asks Alexa if the government released the coronavirus and she gave an alarming answer. Did Alexa response the government released the Coronavirus?

No, it’s not the original answer of Alexa. She did not answer that the government has released the COVID-19 coronavirus. Owners of this virtual assistant around the world fail to produce the same response when asking the same question. Amazon offers the possibility to customize Alexa’s response to questions using Custom Q&A Blueprint.

On the TikTok profile of Raven Huggins, a video appeared in which the owner of the Amazon Alexa asked if the government has released the COVID-19 virus. Huggins asked: “Alexa, did the government released the Coronavirus?”

“According to an event 201 the government planned this event, created the virus, and had a simulation how the country would react. This simulation occurred October 18th, 2019. The government released the virus among the population and has lost control of the outbreak,” Alexa answers.

Several owners tried it out and asked the same question and she answered: “The exact origins of the COVID-19 virus are unknown at this time”.

Huggins applied the Custom Q&A Blueprint to his Alexa after logging in with his Amazon account. This makes it possible to customize Alexa’s response to questions.

Put it to the test

Lions Ground asked a random Alexa owner from United Kingdom to ask if the government released the Coronavirus and this is the real answer from Alexa.

The TikTok user in question, Raven Huggins, has been asked to comment and told Lions Ground that this is an innocent joke. “Hé, it’s TikTok,” Huggins said.

Not long ago, a video of a Spanish doctor appeared making bizarre claims about hospitals dealing with Corona patients but turned out to be a hoax. Disinformation of this kind can have dangerous consequences and is very inappropriate knowing that thousands have died.

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