There is a specially designed body for the armor Russian female police by the Scientific Research Institute of Steel.

The Russian company owned by Concern Tractor Plants says the company’s engineers a bulletproof vest is designed specifically for women.

“The Liga armor vest will be very relevant in light of the increasing number of women who want to serve in [Russia’s] law enforcement bodies,” according to the press service.

This company began to develop the body armor in 2015 and it is finally ready for production, according to the press service.

The Liga armor has a new protective body armor structure with metal-ceramic armor elements and armor for women and it will come in eight versions, which take into account the weight and shape of women’s bodies.

According to RIA Novosti, the press service, the body armor market was estimated by experts to be worth 1.9 billion dollars internationally, and it will rise to 2.9 billion dollars by 2026.

The Scientific Research Institute of Steel supplies Russia body armor, armor sets, armored vehicles, electric shockers, shields, explosion localizers, X-ray and fire protection items, as well as complex protection systems for heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects.

This makes the company the largest developer of Russia.

SOURCEScientific Research Institute of Steel
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