Cruise ship captain captures UFO sighting

Captain recorded UFO sightings on camera while being on board the mega cruise ship Celebrity Edge. Two UFO videos and a testimony from the captain herself about her UFO encounter.

A captain recorded two UFO sightings on camera while being on board her cruise ship. We have two UFO videos and a testimony, the captain talks about her UFO encounter.

The UFO videos appeared on Kate McCue’s Instagram account, she was born in San Francisco in 1978 and is in a relationship with someone who also works on a ship, Chief Engineer Nikola Petrovic. A seasick-proof relationship.

Kate is the captain of Celebrity Edge, making her the first American woman named captain of a mega cruise ship. We begin with her statement about her UFO encounter.

Then the second video, in which you see a very bright flying object. The internet has mixed feelings. Some think she’s brave and some think it’s not very special. Why is the question?

The two videos show nothing extraordinary. The objects make no remarkable movements. Basically, One object goes down and the other changes color a bit and flies in one direction. The videos have no context because the videos are way too short.

Video 1, something is slowly going down. She has confirmed in her statement that she has not taken any action a fact we need to take in consideration. Not taking action is a red flag.

Video number 2, drone photographer Pieter de Boer is tagged in her Instagram post. Why? What is his role with this video? Another red flag.

Both videos are of poor quality. Some people believe that this is a publicity stunt for her ship, employer Celebrity Cruises, and her Tiktok account because there is simply little logic to this UFO case.

Yet, Kate’s statement contradicts people’s claims.

Here’s her statement about the first UFO video on Instagram: “Stranger things… . Bizarro World this evening because it’s me & the drone… but we’re not alone. At sunset, I was checking the conditions to fly & when I looked up there was a large dark figure floating past the ship’s stack. It made no sound & it was too big to be a drone. The winds were only around 5 knots & we’re 12 miles offshore. The nearest ship is over 1 mile away, so not too much action around. It sailed right down the centerline of the ship and then it began to lose altitude. It was still visible with the naked eye a good 400 meters off our stern until & then it disappeared on the horizon. Any ideas what it could be, keeping in mind we’re in the middle of nowhere with light winds? Let me know your thoughts in my IG Story. Best guess wins a free cruise… brochure. Disclaimer: shaky amateur video & commentary because I had my phone connected in the drone controls & forgot that I was recording.”

Video 1 could possibly be a balloon or something attached to a parachute. The second video could possibly be a professional drone because the drone photographer is tagged. Reflectors can be ruled out because the shot is taken during sunset, but powerful lighting for drones do exists. The flying object also changes color which is typical for a drone.

We will never find out exactly what the objects are. At the end of the recording you see the object is slowing down.

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