Weird: Congress Suggests That UFOs Are Non-Human

In Congress, clarity and precision are crucial for producing legislation.

Military officials encountered unidentified flying objects (UFOs) with increasing frequency, prompting lawmakers to change the definition of “UFO” in response.

The provocative suggestion that certain UFOs may not have human origins is part among them.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence unanimously passed a new bill that redefined UFOs as “unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.”

Congress has expanded the scope of a powerful new office charged with examining UFOs by defining its terms more broadly.

According to lawmakers, “transmedium” objects—things that “transition between space and the atmosphere,” or move from Earth’s oceans up into outer space—are now included in their definition of a UFO.

Members of an important committee focused on national security say that unidentified objects are showing astonishingly high technology by flitting between space, air, and water.

The “transmedium dangers to United States national security are rising exponentially,” according to a report that accompanies the legislation.

The decision of legislators to include such wording in a public bill is surprising and implausible.

The former director of national intelligence for President Trump has been granted access to the classified sensor data that led him to claim (to the surprise of many readers) that UFOs display “technology we don’t have—and are not capable of defending against.”

Congress’s new definition of “UFO” excludes man-made objects.

It is difficult to believe that legislators would include such remarkable language in public legislation unless they had a strong justification for doing so.

Re-reading the transcript of the former director of national intelligence James Clapper’s recent interview, it seems that he not only saw classified sensor data about UFOs but also claims that these objects display “technology that we don’t have [and] are not capable” of defending against (among several other eyebrow-raising comments).

Perhaps startlingly, Congress’s new definition of “unidentifiable flying object” does not include man-made objects.

Over the past 70 years, most UFOs have turned out to be “man-made” objects such as planes or balloons. However, Congress has decided that these phenomena should not automatically be classified as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.

Additionally, any objects identified by the new UFO office as being “made by humans,” will be forwarded to other government offices for further investigation.

Congress is urging the government to focus on problems that aren’t “made by man.”

Suppose that the new UFO office identifies a cutting-edge drone operating in a restricted area of the sky.

The proposed legislation states that the UFO office must give up its authority over drone investigations and turn any cases involving foreign drones over to another agency, regardless of where they were made.

The fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee has unanimously agreed upon a new position to research UFOs suggests that some may not be of human origin. This would explain why Congress created such an office—if none existed, there would need to be one made!

UFOs may or may not have originated from humans; the implication that the American government is attempting to conceal this information is alarming.

Also, it is a manifestation of the government’s growing awareness about UFOs.

This shift in government perceptions about UFOs is also reflected by the fact that more governments are declassifying their UFO files.

The belief that UFOs originated from “interplanetary” systems persisted among some government officials through the 1940s and early 1950s, but in 1952 a string of unexplained meetings among the military and intelligence services spurred concerns about Cold War national security.

For many years, U.S. officials ridiculed any claims that UFOs originated from other planets and denied the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth.

That’s history now.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated in conversations and interviews that recent UFO sightings by military aircrews were of extraterrestrial origins. It should be noted that NASA is working “full force” on a ground-breaking scientific investigation of UFOs.

According to former CIA director John Brennan, “Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), if they are out there, may constitute a different kind of life.”

Another former CIA chief and U.S. Secretary of Defense James Woolsey have claimed that “seasoned pilots” have remarked upon seeing UFOs at close range: their flight patterns were unlike anything these seasoned veterans had ever seen before—suggesting the possibility that we might be dealing with some sort of intelligent beings here on Earth unknown to anyone but themselves.

Despite the fact that Top Gun-trained pilots continue to believe they saw things that were “not of this world,” Avril Haines, director of national intelligence and America’s top spy, has not ruled out the possibility that UFOs had alien origins.

In addition, when asked about UFOs, former President Clinton automatically brings up the high probability of extraterrestrial life existing in the universe. When asked about recent military UFO contacts, former President Obama publicly discussed contact with extraterrestrial life.

When the topic of “UFOs” was mentioned, both Clinton and Obama assumed serious, matter-of-fact attitudes after they stopped laughing.

Clinton was criticized for chastising a television audience for laughing when asked about UFOs, but it is worth noting that previous presidents have received more secretive intelligence briefings than anyone else.

The changes in perceptions of UFOs have led to more extensive research into the subject.

For example, political journalist and comedian Bill Maher recently proposed the theory that aliens are deliberately making themselves known to military pilots.

The comedian and political commentator Bill Maher recently proposed a theory that UFOs, in an effort to communicate with humans, deliberately make themselves known to military pilots.

He may have a point; the well-known 2015 UFO encounter off the U.S. East Coast shows that when a Navy fighter jet tried to sneak up behind it, this object reacted by turning around and flying directly at/away from it or doing something else unusual with its motion as described above.

The object’s movement was significant since the aircrew felt it demonstrated curiosity about them—rather than aggression.

Some UFOs are observed to position themselves in such a way that military aircrews see them or become aware of their presence.

Congress has made it clear that it is not convinced that UFOs have any connection to extraterrestrial life.

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