Company that once did propaganda for Nazis will fight fake news in Europe today

Company that once did propaganda for Nazis will fight fake news in Europe today

All the predictions in 2015 came true. Here are my next predictions concerning the censorship on the internet but first check let’s disclose the shocking background of names who are involved to understand the reason behind the madness.

The democratic European Commission has a High-Level Group (must show authority muscles) composed of very independent and extremely reliable experts who are going fight fake news and misinformation on the Internet.

Are we finally going to read that the mainstream media have lied for years about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Unlikely.

The group appears namely full with envoys of the same mainstream media. Thanks to the European Commission, that’s right the same party Youtube and other social media magnets signed an agreement to tackle the so-called hate speech.

However, our tax money is spent very wisely (not really).

Censored out

It is, therefore, to be expected that you only read regurgitated press messages of the large high-level news agencies and all unwelcome sounds are going to be censored out hard.

There namely are also envoys from all major social media companies in the panel, as mentioned before. More about that later.

Names that catch the eye are the Dutch mainstream media company RTL Group, and by extension, Bertelsmann & Co., which for more than 90 percent ownership of RTL Group.

Nazi regime

That’s right, that same company that was the main editor of the Nazi regime during World War II and they will help determine what is fake news and disinformation. That sounds very promising, don’t you think? No.

Bertelsmann used during the war benefits of Jews as slave laborers.

Owner Heinrich Mohn was a member of the SS and Reinhard Mohn (ex-Luftwaffe) took over the company in 1946.


In 1947 the company got the chance to start again under the leadership of Nazi family whose descendants today to exert control over the company. That is literally on Wikipedia.

The high-level group which will probably be led by Prof. dr. Madeleine de Cock Buning Utrecht University.

Another name that pops up is Sky News, part of British Sky Broadcasting, which until recently was more than 39 percent owned by the media company of Rupert Murdoch, you know, the guy who drilled for oil (illegally) in Syria with Lord Rothschild.

Extremely frightening

They have so much interest to make sure that as many pure, thorough and unbiased news to be published (not).

In the commission, Goebbels II includes companies like Wikimedia, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

The fact that commercial players such as Google, Twitter and Facebook will determine directly what is covered by fake news and disinformation is extremely frightening.

That is the reason for the madness I’ve predicted begin 2016. You know, the censorship practices by social media magnets. You still believe the Youtube boycott is for real? No, that’s a cleansing process to make space for the names who are linked with groups mentioned above.

Whoever put the biggest bag of money on the table determine what actually is ‘true’ and what is not.

Dangerous developments.

Let’s watch the old videos again

Below are my videos from 2015 that repeatedly point to censorship practices of Google and others.

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