Wednesday, January 20, 2021
The Global Reset
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The Global Reset  

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There will be a point in time where the world-economie is going to be reset. Not restart, but reset into a different economy than this capitalistic model we know today. All this is organised by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Check out my blog on this topic:

The slogan: "You will own nothing and you'll be happy".

Everything is provided by the corporate-government. And this will be reality in 2030.

My theorie for this to unfold: first all cash must dissapear and all payments must run digital. Short after that moment, there will be a (planned) great hack on financial data inside banks. A lot of data will be lost and the system goes down. After this event there will be a period of chaos, economic collapse, foodshortages, riots, civil unrest, ect. The UN-troops will be deployed to guard strategic places, infrastructure and installations. As a sollution the banking-cartel presents a new methode of economics and a universal income for everyone. Every month an amount of digital money will be placed on your account, but only for a period of time. In time this money will evaporate so saving money will be useless. This is the methode for owning nothing. And because you know everyone else owns the same as you do - nothing - you'll be happy. Everything you want, you can rent and will be delivered. A methode to solve the unequality in the world. This is just a consperacy-theory, and I could be way wrong. But my gutfeeling tell's me otherwise.

I'm not sure how country's like China and India will fit in this picture, but the goal is a one world order.

Check out the internet for more info about "the global reset" and the "World Economic Forum".

P.s. I am not a reporter, just a storywriter. I did some background-research and this article is my opinion, and not the words from the owner of this forum at Lionsground.

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Great thread @tadek


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hmm, not sure what i feel about that. i remember that big slogan, WE ARE NOT ALONE and my answer always was, AND THEY ARE NOT ALONE EITHER.