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thank you heathcliff for the effort

you just went to fast with the conclusions but there is a reason why i say beneith the video that THIS IS NOT THE MOON.

i am not stupid, i know about the facts you point out but you seriously did not listen to what i actualy say in this video about the moonphase. and yes i do know about overexposed lights. this thing does light up the entire area and i know for a fact that an almost new moon is NOT DOING THIS . the valley should be dark and i mean black. also, I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A PLANET. i am a flat earther. the reason why i call it UFO is simply because it is flying, it is unknown and it is an object. so please for the future, i never talk about aliens there either in those videos.

i actualy hoped for your help but i am afraid that this will just bring more of those that insult me there. i dont care about these ppl but what i do care about is that ppl should know that those things are over our heads and i am sure they are there for a reason.

you dont think we deserve to know why ? and what they are doing there, whoever that is doing it ??? i do !!!

i have never checked other regions but i wish ppl would do the lookout in their own places in order to see if they got something similar on there.

i am not a troll and i dont want you to do stupid stuff for me. i wanted you to look into this for real. i am aware that most likely you dont have an answer but you might trigger someone to tell something. that is why i asked you.

there are ppl whom know about this. there is a reason why cameras have a fall out at the same time. there is an observatory up there, THEY KNOW, for sure.

i like your sence of humor and it made me laugh but on the other hand, it does redicule the whole thing, including myself. THIS IS NOT OK . i feel sad that i asked the wrong one.

thanks anyway for the effort but i guess i stay alone in this.

much love ❤️ 

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Absolutely no problem and we are here to solve a problem not to attack each other but when someone ask me to debunk I debunk.

The moon phase: there is no indication the moon phase recorded on the moon registry sites tells me different. The data compliments what you see in the webcam video.

Radius: The radius of the moon differs per webcam. This depends on the type of lens. For that reason, you cannot compare the moon on cameras to what you see with your eyes. The focal length of human eye is 17mm, The size of retina in human eye is 22mm. Webcams with this focal length and sensor size (retina) is extremely rare and very unlikely used in the webcam video you used. Due to the fact every detail was verifiable thanks to the webcam website leaving behind the data I need to verify this story has been debunked. Facts are never wrong. This is the moon.

I have two questions for you?

  1. According to you this is not the moon. What do you think it is?
  2. Can you provide evidence to support your claim?


Mima Kiora - What is this ????


Time and Date

Posted : 19/01/2021 10:13 am

i have no clue what it is but i know 100% that this is not the moon. this was the first time i did a video about that but there are more of them and sorry i mixed that one up with another one i have when it was almost new moon but this one has a half moon and it is still to light there, that is not how it works . i am sure where you live you can observe the very same thing with the moon. no youtube needed for common sence.

how do i know what someone puts up there, they didnt come to me and introduce that thing to me. no one even realizes that it is up there. and ppl come to the same conlusions as you do, if they dont take the time to investigate it. i would have done the same thing if i wouldnt have seen what i have seen and that is, that this thing is not the moon. you dont want to help me with that, thats fine with me. you can stick to your moon thingy for as long as you like. but seriously , you redicule me here over that, that is not ok. and i expected a little more respect but that is my problem. i should have expected exactly what came out of it. that is just how ppl function.

i dont see that as debunked at all !!! its more like an insult to my intelligence. do you really think i never thought about what you said. i tryed to excuse it with the same answers as you gave. BUT THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH, that is just how our brain functions. our eyes see things and the brain filters the shit. I KNOW THAT and if i was stuck there i would have never ever made the damn video. gosh, i am not that stupid, i grew up with same shit as you did, as we all did.

so, do i have proof. YES I HAVE PROOF THAT THIS IS NOT THE MOON but how on gods earth would i proof whatelse it is ????? when no one ever thaught us about these things. it is unheard of and this not knowing things is what filters the info out and makes you believe that it is something that it is not. i thought you know that, to begin with.

there is plenty of evidence in my videos but you cant see it if you look with your filtered observation skills. i got insulted so many times for that and what you said i heard already a thousand times. that doesnt make it true, it just makes it frustrating to get thru to ppl and at the end ppl like me stop talking about anything because all one gets is redicule.

well then, that shit is up there, that is for sure but NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW, because you can not poor water in a full glass. and this way we will never figure out what the fuck is going on in this world.


1. why do you think i named the video as i did ? (given the fact that i learned the same stuff as you did)

2. do i gain something from that ? (except plenty of insults)

3. did i get payed for that video ? (did you see moneytization there ?) hell NO

4. why on gods earth would i make a video about it, even i knew that most ppl wouldnt see it ? BECAUSE IT IS NOT THE MOON

those are all things that i thought would actualy come to your mind before you redicule me infront of the world.

i am not pissed at you but i am pissed at myself, because i asked the wrong person to help me with that. not only do you ignore  what i say but also you ignored that i asked you to wait for the next video . maybe for a reason !!!

anyway, what is done is done.

have a great day heathcliff.

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Ók, you are not able to answer the two simple questions.

If you consider facts to be insult to your intelligence then you should not ask me to debunk one of your content. In our conversation you did not specify which video so I took a random video. Rather, it is disrespectful behavior how you deal with this ... below the video, under comments posted by others, and even here. You make it something very personal and that is such a shame.

You can believe what you want to believe. If you believe this is not the moon then so be it. I stick to the facts, every point has been verified. With this responsibility I inform the world.

Posted : 20/01/2021 2:03 am

wow. i totaly overestimated your intelligence. all my video that have those webcams in content are about the same objects, it is either this thing or those sticks. i asked you to wait for another video, you didnt care at all. you also dont give a shit what i have to say. even worse , you put words in my mouth that i never used. and all that you sell as the truth. and i am disrespectfull after all ? you redicule me in the video and in the commentsection. and i am disrespectful ? really ? wow. so this is how you treat your friends and supporters, because you think you are right ? 

you are WRONG !! and you didnt even take the time to further check. this is not about the truth for you, this is just for your shitty little ego. wow !

also, i am stunned you lost your english over this. BECAUSE I ANSWERED YOUR TWO QUESTIONS but i bet you didnt even take the time to read it.

  1. According to you this is not the moon. What do you think it is?


  1. Can you provide evidence to support your claim?


you could have asked some questions. you could have watched them all, to see what i am talking about. you could have waited for that video that i asked you to. you could have done many things, but you decided to redicule me and then you wonder why i take it personal ? wow. you could have said no too. 

now i have learned that lesson finaly. in this reality NO GOOD DEEDS ARE UNPUNISHED ! i helped you to pay for this website and this is what i paid for.

and then i dare to take it personal LOL

wow heathcliff, and you dont even have one single problem with your reaction to this.


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Voila, when you keep pressing the person on the facts and cannot answer, this trick is used.

She failed to proof this is not about the moon. Shouting THIS IS NOT THE MOON doesn't proof a thing.

In this conversation you learn that people like to mix irrelevant things with the subject in order to emotionally and physically manipulate the viewer. Besides that, to make herself feel better or just too proud to admit she's wrong.

case closed.

Posted : 20/01/2021 4:41 pm
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