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[Solved] Large Blue UFO Seen Above Oahu, Hawaii [Solved]  

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Large blue UFO over Oahu, Hawaii is not such a big mystery that will be solved in this video.

HONOLULU, Hawaii - On December 31, 2020, Hawaii News Now covered a story about a UFO sighting.

On the evening of Tuesday, December 29, Misitina Sape, among others, spotted a large blue UFO over Oahu, Hawaii.

Another witness saw the same UFO passing Princess Kahanu Estates.

Moriah, the witness who captured the UFO on video, even called the emergency number so an agent will come have a look. She described it as big as a lamppost.

However, a FAA spokesperson told the news agency they didn't see anything weirds on radar that night.

UFO witnesses told the news agency the unidentified flying object had fallen into the water.

The mystery behind the big blue UFO captured on camera is solved in this video.

The UFO is a Kite with LED tail.

In fact, on the day of the sighting, the news network publishes about a Kite builder with the headline "Kite engineer’s Filipino-styled kites are a high-flying distraction from ..."

Courtesy Hawaii News Now

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