CNN got quiet in interview about the gas attack in Syria

cnn gas attack syria

CNN presenter Kate Bolduan was speechless when the congressman Thomas Massie said he doubts whether Syrian President Assad has attacked his own people with poison gas.

Thomas Massie told the CNN presenter that it is difficult to determine what happened in Syria and he is very curious how the poison gas was released.

Massie does not believe that Assad is behind the toxic gas attack because Assad has no benefit, this would only result in more civil war.


“Who do you think is responsible?” Stammered BOLDUAN. Currently, Massie answer he wanted to give was interrupted by the CNN presenter asking if Massie in President Putin believed Assad has nothing to do with the gas attack.

The congressman was adamant and repeated his previous position again:

“I do not think Assad would benefit from a chemical attack on his own people. I can hardly understand why he would do that. ”

Slanted eyes

CNN presenter Kate Bolduan did not know what to say and ended the interview.

Very soon after the attack, the mainstream media have drawn a conclusion that President Assad is responsible for the chemical attack.

Regardless you’re politicians or not if you doubt the mainstream story they look at you with a crooked eye.

Below the video in question.

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