Clinton Foundation FBI Insider Confirms Child Sex Trafficking

How Much Lower Can They Sink!

Clinton Foundation FBI Insider Confirms Child Sex Trafficking

The following is a compilation of reports associated to the most modern leaks approaching Hillary Clinton Using the Clinton Foundation to cover up involvement with pedophile femininity. There are immediately multiple sources from the FBI and NYPD confirming Hillary Clinton’s massive crime syndicate in Washington DC. Is this the take down of the cabal taking place fit in front of our eyes or is this a disinformation campaign?

All of the following in turn was particular to us by our insiders who produce particular first-hand data of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. It seems to things are approaching to fervor up. We are told to of the 662,871 emails lifted from Anthony Weiner’s central processing unit, 11,112 emails are Huma Abedin and wage to participate together with Saudis and Israelis. Meaning Huma was the solitary Hillary USED to communicate with foreign leaders via email meant for inside in turn and deals via Huma central processing unit.

Corrupt Collusion

It has been established through many avenues, but generally through Wikileaks, to the Clinton Foundation was moral a farce scenery up in order to act upon pay-to-play games with multiple entities, together with foreign nations. Pay-to-play nations include: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine.

Furthermore, we are told by solitary of our insiders to solitary email plainly confirms ISIS was shaped by CIA and Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, with help from Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham!

Clinton Foundation

Real Life Underwoods

An NYPD insider alleged the content they viewed did include State Department TOP SECRET emails. One folder was called Life Insurance. A instant folder was patrician DNC Nuclear Arsenal.

A third folder I’m confident Hillary positively DOES NOT intend released was a folder labeled Intimate according to this NYPD insider, this folder enclosed X-rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a TEENAGER.

NYPD detectives were sickened by pardon? They aphorism, according to our insider, and they had threatened FBI grassland agents to they would leak this in turn, if the FBI did not step up and take sour the trick gloves. At to summit, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC were besides threatening to leak the in turn.

We are told present are emails to may perhaps send out Loretta Lynch to prison, as well as tab and Hillary. The Twitter send under, our sources sent us, verifying it is all authentic:


The following in turn comes straight from an FBI Anonymous source, who is the senior analyst who posted on 4chan in untimely July of this day:

Jim Comey learned to certain of his own investigators were tipping sour both Loretta Lynch and tab Clinton, like so making his job not viable.

Comey sent a memo to assembly, knowing to ultimately it would expose Loretta Lynch as a crooked actor and the breadcrumbs would clue unequivocally to Obama. The State Department is terrified immediately. Comey has assembled a small team of 40 agents, whom he has declared The Untouchables bearing in mind the famous federal agent Eliot Ness.

Comey has clamped down on all FBI agents and he expects a full-scale war among the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), the pasty House, and the State Department. He has long-established and understands to many sitting senators, congressmen, lobbyists, and power players are disappearing to be indicted and prosecuted. One of the highest targets of the look into is the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Among the targets under investigation are John Podesta, Huma, Cheryl Mills, CNN, nitty-gritty, NBC, and so forth.


Because it turns impossible, Weiner, Huma partner, had been forwarding Huma’s emails every one instant she came family unit and not here her central processing unit not built up. Huma appears to produce been in dash with Saudi actors, and therefore, ESPIONAGE is strong alleged.

Comey and his 40 Untouchables are immediately preparing to take down the major corruption constantly witnessed in American history which is pardon? I think MUST go off if Comey is planning to stay part of the FBI. He lost so much respect and so much credibility with the primary Hillary investigation, it would take something of this magnitude to allow him to realize the free again.

The Pentagon has in-house players and outside players they call creatives. Creatives are civilians who keep an eye on to be geniuses, malcontents, extreme hackers, or otherwise lay bare radiance in other beneficial areas. A Pentagon syllabus called Cicada 3301, which we produce reported on previously, was shaped by several of these talented civilians. The syllabus is immediately used to allow thousands of good government frequent to details on their corrupt superiors, using pardon? Is called a DEAD BOX whistleblower encryption method so the non-corrupted government officials can details corruption and still stay put safe.

Visitors to Epstein a small amount St. James Island include:

  1. Ehud Barak, the previous Prime Minister of Israel (1999-2001) pedophile being procured underage girls by Epstein. Former Israeli Minister of Defense and besides Deputy Israeli Prime Minister under Binyamin Netanyahu from 2009 to 2013.
  2. Prince Andrew British fee Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell pimped Epstein femininity slave Virginia Roberts to Prince Andrew multiple epoch. The victim girls say Prince Andrew was very sexually sadistic; they abhorrent this sick, twisted living thing.
  3. Kevin Spacey actor in House of Cards. People tell me Spacey is gay, and my response is Have you constantly heard of the word bisexual Spacey is very advantageous links with 2 big-time pedophiles: Jeffrey Epstein and tab Clinton. Spacey, grown-up Hollywood star, has 3.78 million Twitter followers.
  4. Alan Dershowitz longtime acquaintance of Epstein, as well as solitary of his argument lawyers. Dershowitz was the solitary who negotiated to absurd pretext bargain meant for Epstein to gave him a 13-month (served) sentence and a 16 hour/day daylight pass so he may perhaps finish a good number of his instant in his manor. Epstein femininity slave Virginia Roberts has alleged to Epstein made her produce femininity with Dershowitz numerous epoch. The real question is how many other underage girls was Dershowitz having femininity with? Virginia Roberts says Dershowitz besides witnessed Epstein’s pedophilic activities.