Incredible Cigar-Shaped Object Seen During Live Stream on Woolsey Fire

Westlake Village, CAUFO enthusiast Think Tank posted a video of a cigar-shaped object on Twitter. The video, which was posted on September 12th, 2022, shows a giant dark object appearing from behind the smoke during the devastating 2018 fire. The object is described as being long and moves rapidly across the screen. The video has generated a lot of buzz within the UFO community.

Cigar-Shaped Object

The sighting of a cigar-shaped object in the sky near Los Angeles has been a topic of debate for several years. But now, we may have an answer to what it actually was.

Mick West and his members at Metabunk, an online forum dedicated to debunking myths, have delved into this sighting and concluded that the cigar-shaped object is actually a cargo ship.

The research was based on multiple data points that confirmed their claims. One such piece of evidence came from KTLA5 from Los Angeles, which captured a cigar-shaped object while reporting on wildfires in 2018. The video shows that the shape has changed as it moves across the sky—this would not be possible if it were merely an aircraft.

In addition to this video evidence, Think Tank said there is another reason why West’s conclusions are correct:

“This matches a 1,000 foot long cargo ship,” said Mick West. “The second time you see it appears to be a different cargo ship. The helicopter has continued left a significant amount, and so the first ship has long gone, and another comes into view. All from parallax,” West continued.

Regardless in an effort to combat misinformation and provide a more accurate account of the events, Think Tank disputed the information.

According to Think Tank, this is not a parallax error. He disagree with the information but has yet never provided any evidence to support his claims.

“The ocean was about 10KM away. How big is this ship really … That’s a massive ship,” Think Tank said, the author of the video. He continues: “It’s not parallax.”

Ship is too big

Twitter users got in on the conversation about the Cigar-Shaped Object Seen During Live Stream of Woolsey Fire as soon as it was mentioned.

One of these users, TobyAM, took a photo of a ship in the far distance. He captioned his post with: “I took this photo 10 miles from the ocean.”

This is important because it shows how optical illusion really confuses your brain.

Twitter user GerryCohen7 has lived in the mountains for years, and he has confirmed that there is a lot of heavy freight traffic passing through. He said that there are large container ships coming and going from the Port of Long Beach all the time, so it’s not surprising that one would be passing by during the fire.

GerryCohen7 said, “I lived on top of THAT mountain for 9 years. There were always large container ship coming and going from Port of Long Beach, so this explanation makes perfect sense.”

Ship is moving too fast

The object is a cargo ship that was seen moving way too fast to be true. Twitter user Stealthy_GCoach think the cargo ship is moving way too fast. The user says: “That’s a pretty fast cargo ship isn’t it?”

The fast moving cargo ship is not moving fast and is caused by the optical illusion called parallax effect.

The parallax effect can be observed in many everyday situations, such as when viewing objects from different angles, or when viewing a scene through a camera with a lens that has an adjustable focal length.

Parallax effect is a phenomenon that occurs when the camera moves while recording. This causes the background to appear to move at a different speed than the foreground, which creates an effect that makes it seem as though objects in the background are moving faster than they really are.


After the cigar-shaped object was spotted in the sky, it was not flying and was actually a cargo ship. This heated conversation on Twitter continued on for some time before finally coming to an end. However, Think Tank continues to maintain his position that this is not a ship. The full uncut and unedited video can be found on the official Facebook page of KTLA 5 News.

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