Tic Tac UFO Glasgow, Scotland • 11 April 2022

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UFO Shape: Tic Tac
Duration of the sighting: 40 to 50 seconds
Date of Sighting: 11 Apr 2022 (2:52 PM UTC)
Location of Sighting: Glasgow, Scotland
Cardinal Direction: SE
Status: Solved

Description of the sighting

Case: CF7-1651830601-0985

Glasgow, Scotland — I seen this out of my window as I was working at the computer. I can’t really say much as I never seen it for long enough. It glinted in the light twice and was moving rather slow. The direction it was coming from us where the Faslane nuclear naval base is located and the US have a part of that base. I really hope this works and you get the original.




Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9n32r8vutawjunq/AAB8BhQuWKk4AWfrIpfB53jla?dl=0


The UFO is identified as the Boeing 737 MAX 8-200.

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