Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Secureteam10 Case – Facts vs. Fables

Defamation and slander are used to discredit the facts delivered by Lions Ground. The bodies responsible for this propaganda involves a handful of YouTube channels that mislead people with disinformation. All claims are addressed in the video above "Secureteam10...
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Dutch Media NOS Spreads Fake News About Donald Trump

This week, the broadcasting organization NOS intentionally changed Donald Trump's words on national Dutch television. Isn't that the definition...
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Is the Secureteam10 911 call real?

Today Lions Ground received a 911 call recording of Tyler Glockner's son calling the emergence line to report domestic violence. Is the Secureteam10 911...

Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10?

On October 24, a user sent an email under the false address [email protected] with the following question: Did Lions Ground buy Secureteam10? No, Lions Ground...

Lions Ground predicted lockdown

Marbella - Last week, Lions Ground predicted a lockdown and moved to northern Spain to ensure safety. What happened then is unbelievable. On the official...

UFOs over Miami Debunked

The UFOs over Miami went viral after it appeared on the Twitter account of journalist and activist Rogan O'Handley. Are the UFOs over Miami...