Can You Solve This Mystery? UFO sighting caught on tape, La Celle Guenand, France

La Celle Guenand, FranceUFOs are captured on tape. They were traveling back through the remote French countryside after dinner and they noticed 3 fast-moving and unusual lights in the sky. They changed direction sharply, there was nothing else in the sky. They have no idea what they might be. One thing they are sure about: The UFOs certainly didn’t move or look like aircraft or balloons.

Possible explanation 1: Airplanes
Airplanes not always have to leave trails. It all depends on the weather condition.

Possible explanation 2: Balloons
The UFOs caught on tape are not displaying rapid change of direction. They might be balloons. But, balloons don’t have thrusters and in the video you witness a second object moving the opposite direction.