Disturbed blogger puts dog in washing machine

Disturbed blogger puts dog in washing machine

On the Instagram account of Tamara Rotman a disturbing video appeared of a dog in a washing machine. The dog was filmed while desperately trying to escape from the washing machine. Rotman claims that her stunt is “misunderstood”.

The video has received a lot of criticism and that’s why Rotman decided to remove the inappropriate video.

The story gets crazier. Instead of offering an excuse, Rotman responds defensively and places a video of her dog named Cuco on Instagram with the claim that people have misunderstood the video.

“The dog was no more than 10 seconds inside, to make clear the washing machine was off. Also, in the video I made, you could see how the dog was removed from the washing machine after two seconds, says Rotman.

Below you can watch the video that has been removed from Rotman’s Instagram account.

Rotman received angry reactions to rape threats in reaction of her video. Some people see this is a mild form of animal cruelty no matter the washing machine was turned off.

Animal cruelty

Rotman claims that she cares a lot about her dog Cuco. Her action does not mean she deliberately meant to hurt her sweet dog, but this can be categorized under animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty is a general description of harming your dog and is not limited to cases involving physical harm.

A dog sees his boss as the leader of the pack and trusts the person. This explains that a dog always follows his boss throughout the house.

In the video, you clearly see that the dog is stressed and displays escape behavior. This can have long-term effects on the dog. Especially distrust towards the owner.

No matter the dog was in the washing machine for only 10 seconds Tamara Rotman has knowingly or unknowingly abused her dog.

When someone puts Tamara Rotman in the trunk of a car. Will she like that?

Video edition of this article can be viewed below.