Beaver, UT, UFO Video “is One of The Best Modern UFO Videos”

Beaver Utah UFO video is one of the best modern UFO videos according to an online user, but Lions Ground disagrees.

When UFO videos are published it gets hot,  after a short while people forget about it and  move on to the next UFO video. After a long period, year or even years, it is fished out of  the water by someone and gets the attention again.

In this case the 2019 UTAH UFO video has been fished out of the water, according to someone this is one of the best modern UFO videos. Hours of videos available on YouTube, the Eyes of the Experts have studied the video and come to the conclusion that the UFO UTAH Video is very real.

But we say, the UTAH Beaver Video is complete nonsense.

The first red flag, the infamous video, first appeared on Brian Hanley’s YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has no affiliation with UFOs at all, we find this rather remarkably suspicious.

Who is he? On April 24, 2019, he shared on Twitter that he’s a journalist, if this isn’t a red flag to you, what do you think this: Today, he’s a senior technologist and digital campaign specialist.

“A Digital Campaign Specialist is responsible for executing day-to-day digital marketing operations with an emphasis on paid search, display, retargeting and paid social advertising.”

Are we the only one making the connection that this is a publicity stunt?

Anyway, let’s assume that this is just a big coincidence (in the world of ufology nothing is a coincidence).So, lots of experts come up with very technical calculations but none come to the conclusion that the depth field is not right at all? — my my my, this guy has a lot of friends online.

The video recording is very real, the UFO has been added to the video. This explains that the metadata of the so-called UFO video that you can download from Google Drive is incorrect. It even indicates that it was saved with a video editing program… so this is NOT the original raw video that Brian claims to be. That’s the second red flag of the story.

The breaking evidence has been there all along but it is simply ignored. Eyeball where the object is coming from. They want you to believe that the UFO is coming from behind the hill.

Stop the video where it first appears. Draw a line to the left, the situation is that the environment is blurry and pixelated because the camera cannot register it graphically correctly due to the distance and other conditions. Why do you see the UFO very clearly?

Please note, You can clearly see the UFO in the background, this means the size is gigantic, 5 times bigger than the bushes or trees you could see there. But that is NOT the case, as the object approaches the camera, the UFO remains small.

Seriously? Aliens with a growth disorder? Lili-aliens?

It is quite easy to make a fake video like this. Import the video in After Effects, track something in the video. Place an object, apply the tracking data, make it 3D, add a camera layer, and don’t forget the motion blur which also looks very fabricated.

The motion blur applies for a camera that records at 30 FPS or lower, this video is 60 frames per second video. THE MOTIONBLUR IS FABRICATED FOR THAT REASON.

The creators of the video came with the idea to do a publicity stunt and indeed, it went viral. But they didn’t take the depth field into account and the frame rate of the so-called UFO video is too high to create such a motion blur, oops! fooled ya, but they did fill their wallet. “Thanks donkeys”, they think.


  1. Gyrfalcon – The FPS of the video recording is 60 FPS. The bird would have to fly at ultra speed to get blurry at 60 FPS camera. Depth movement (Z) is no problem for the camera to register.
  2. Powerlines – The object started higher than the powerlines.
  3. Glitch – There is no evidence to back that up.

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