How the bankers elite does everything to hide the truth from the people

How the bankers elite does everything to hide the truth from the people

We live in a whirlpool of many crises that seems to come together. There is the refugee crisis, the climate situation and the geopolitical drama in the Middle East. There are also problems in some large European banks.

How is it that the operation of our financial system, the hub around which everything revolves, is so little understood? At the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 found that many bank managers did not understand the workings of their own products. Bankers admitted not to take time to explain clients about contracts due to lack of time.

The operation of our monetary system is actually very simple Dirk Bauwens writes for DeWereldMorgen: the elite bankers create money out of nothing . This money is borrowed and then return it with interest. These and other hidden knowledge are carried over for centuries from bankers generation to bankers generation.

No Obstacles In The Way

There is a very large lobby that is doing everything to preserve this highly profitable system and maintain the truth hidden from the people. During the banking crisis, for example, insiders suggested in 2008 that there are no 10 Representatives of the Belgian Parliament who understood what was going on.

Politicians are not only harassed by lobbyists, but banks also offered administrative positions. In the US, presidents and presidential candidates are sponsored by Wall Street. Goldman Sachs not only in America but also in Europe all kinds of pawns. It is therefore not surprising that large banks are left alone.

Copy And Paste

Bauwens also notes that the media are in the hands of a few large conglomerates or individuals. Revealing testimonies from journalists Janneke Monshouwer and Udo Ulfkotte show that the press does not operate independently and that there are other interests.

Most journalists are taking over stories by copying and pasting articles and images of international news agencies.

People are group thinkers. Correct, but different analysis or opinion that threatens the consensus is difficult to tolerate. Psychologists speak in this context of “cognitive dissonance”: we see and hear just like what we want to see and hear.

Video below covers the banking monetary system.

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