Australia fire: The hugging Kangaroo

In the old video format of Lions Ground of January 12, 2020 we pay attention to a cute video that has gone viral. The original video appeared during the Australia fire. Is the kangaroo hugging the woman because she saved him from the fire?

[fa class=”far fa-times-circle fa-5x”] False, the kangaroo is not huggin the woman because he’s saved from the Australia fire. This video was made at the Kangaroo Sanctuary. This video originates from the Instagram account of the Editor of institute magazine Laura Brown and let her Instagram followers know her video has gone viral under false pretenses.

In an Instagram post of January 8, 2020, Brown posts about her video hugging Abi the kangaroo. She states that her video is being abused.

Laura Brown opened her message with: “The video of me hugging my mate Abi here has gone viral which is sweet for the sentiment.”

The video is taken out of context because she didn’t save Abi and there was no fire at the Kangaroo Sanctuary. “… Even though I did not “rescue” her and there are no fires at the Kangaroo Sanctuary where we were,” Brown continued.

Original video

He refuses to delete the video. You can watch the original video below again.

Brown’s video appeared on the Roastedrants Twitter account without her permission. The Twitter user wrote: “Kangaroo can’t stop hugging the volunteer who saved her life.”

Laura Brown urges people who are using her video to at least donate to the mentioned animal help organizations such as the Kangaroo Sanctuary.

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