Audio Tape Of One of The Biggest UFO Sightings Ever

Audio Leaked - 1966 UFO Melbourne UFO Incident

You are going back in time and this is about the largest massive UFO sightings in Australia ever. It is 1966, a school in Australian Melbourne where 300 students and teachers saw several UFOs fly through the air.

If you do not know the story, I’ll explain to you briefly what this real UFO case is about.

1966 UFO Melbourne UFO Incident

A child ran hysterically into his classroom and told that there was a flying saucer outside. Once the teacher was outside, the teacher Andrew Greenwood saw a group of children watching the UFO.

The teacher described the UFO as a circular silver-colored object, same size as a normal standard car.

The teacher was greatly impressed because the planes tried to haunt the UFO with all their power, but it looked more like the UFO played a cat and mouse game.

And then suddenly the UFO disappeared. When back inside, the children were ordered to remain silent about this, otherwise, they will be punished.

Several witnesses also said that they were later visited by men in black and were told that they were not allowed to talk about it.

An audio recording has surfaced that I am going to share with you. It is an audio between James Kibel who talks with the witness and teacher Andrew Greenwood.

I must say that the audio is very poor. Here are a few statements in the alleged tape:

  • Science master, two other staff, and 300 kids watched a UFO maneuver over the school
  • When he joined the children he saw the UFO hovering just above power lines
  • Every time they got near the object it would slowly accelerate, then rapidly accelerate away from the planes and then stop again. Every time they chased it would do the same.

Below you can listen to the full audio tape released by QUFOSR.