Area 51 Photos: What’s Behind The Open Hangar Door?

The images shared by a pilot show an object in a hangar at the top-secret location called Area 51. The image shows that the hangar door has been left open, and inside there appears to be a strange-looking object. Lions Ground revisits this unsolved UFO case.

What might this mysterious object be? Could it be – as some have speculated – an extraterrestrial artifact retrieved from Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Or could it be more mundane, such as a new version of its fabled stealth fighter jet? It’s hard to say. NASA and the US Air Force have not responded to requests for comment.

Area 51 is the most famous secret military base in the world. It’s still shrouded in mystery, but a new photo may have just revealed what really goes on inside.

Courtesy of Gabe Zeifman

A pilot named Gabe Zeifman took a photo of Hangar 19 at Area 51, and it seems to show some sort of weird object inside the hanger with the door open.

The blurry photo has been making rounds on social media, and people have all sorts of theories:

“It looks like a UFO!” said one commenter. “I think they’re hiding aliens”. Another individual said “I love it when governments ‘leave the door open’ for the rest of the world to see what’s been going on behind closed doors.”

“It’s obviously a weather balloon, or maybe some kind of hologram,” said another. “I bet it’s just a big-ass kite,” said someone else. “Maybe it’s for some kind of training mission.”

What do you think?

Images from Area 51 reveal a strange shape inside an open hangar (Image: GABE ZEIFMAN)

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Area 51. While the US government has long acknowledged the site’s existence, it wasn’t until 2013 that the CIA admitted to what went down there: testing experimental aircraft and weapons systems since 1955.

It’s been home base for some of America’s most secretive projects over the last 60 years, such as U-2 spy planes, an SR-71 Blackbird, and even a stealth F-117 Nighthawk.

But all that is just official stuff. For decades, conspiracy theories have swirled around Area 51 claiming everything from time travel to aliens at Roswell (a New Mexico town) being stored there.

Perhaps that’s why so many people still get curious about this secret government base in the Nevada desert.

Google Earth images of US Air Force base Area 51 (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

For decades, the existence of a US Air Force base known as Area 51 has sparked conspiracy theories. The CIA only acknowledged its existence in 2013, long after people had begun speculating about what might be hiding inside the high-security Nevada facility.

Now, Google Earth images have revealed something strange within the base: an object housed inside an open hangar. But what is it? What’s going on here?

Scott Waring, a UFO spotter, states that in a video on his YouTube channel. He had observed that the Americans had a UFO in the area before, but thanks to a new Google Maps update, he was even more sure of his discovery.

So why would anyone keep a boat-shaped object in Area 51? We can’t be sure, but some commenters are quick to point out that this is not the first time someone has spotted something like this at Area 51—which means we may be getting closer to figuring out just what’s going on at this mysterious military base.

The long-standing secrecy surrounding Area 51 has fueled speculation that it is home to extraterrestrial technology, but the CIA only acknowledged its existence in 2013.

Think of Area 51, the Air Force base in Nevada, as the big, buff bouncer of the US military: it’s got a long history of keeping secrets. In fact, for decades its mere existence was kept secret.

The secrecy surrounding Area 51 has fueled speculation that it is home to extraterrestrial technology, but neither the government nor any former workers have ever publicly confirmed that claim.

What we do know is that Area 51 has been used to test and develop aircraft since the 1950s — including U-2 spy planes in 1955 — and that it’s now home to one of two drone bases on US soil.

You may be wondering what this thing could be, and there are two ways to think about it. There are two possibilities for how this happened.

Maybe it’s just temporary, meaning the aircraft is under repair or maintenance, and will soon fly into the Nevada sky. That would make sense for an area like Area 51, which tests out all sorts of advanced military aircraft. So maybe this is a drone? Or maybe a top-secret fighter jet?

Or maybe this object isn’t going anywhere at all. That could mean that it’s a test article or a mock up of an aircraft or missile undergoing structural testing. Maybe it’s even just a missile or rocket body that was used as part of some test in the past. French aerospace photojournalist Phillipe Bossart told Wired he thinks the object looks like an unmanned aerial vehicle known as Lightning Strike VTOL X-Plane Aircraft because he “recognized the shape.”

Photographer Gabe Zeifman flew his small Cessna 150 plane around the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) on December 25. Area 51 can be seen in some of the images, and some people are commenting on a strange triangular structure inside a hangar. The object is blurry and cannot be determined exactly what it is, but it has got conspiracy theorists’ tongues wagging.

You might be able to draw some inferences about this mysterious object from the photos themselves. For example, you can see that it’s an elongated shape. It’s resting on what appear to be landing gear or wheels. There are diagonal lines (or perhaps wings) attached to its side. And there are what looks like windows on either side of the main body of the object. What could it be?

If you hadn’t already noticed, these characteristics all seem strangely familiar: they resemble almost every UFO sighting ever depicted in movies and TV shows. Is this yet another instance of reengineered UFO? Maybe—or maybe not!

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