Another Amazing Story About Reincarnation By Stan Kain

reincarnation story

Stan Kain has been asked to share his amazing story about the reincarnation theory. If you have a reincarnation story to share use the comment section below this article.

I suppose some signs were there before I even developed full speech, according to stories from my parents. Many “coincidental events” in my life sort of began to tie together, later in life.

Hypnosis Experiment

Incidentally, I am now 71 years of age. The hypnosis experiment took place when I was about 24 or 25. At the time, I was working in a radio station in southern California, all night and news, and station engineer for a small FM station. For most of my life, I had found myself, “feeling,” or “noticing” things around me that no one else seemed to sense. I didn’t understand it, and really didn’t like to talk about it. Later in life, I found through older family members that sensitivity to “the spiritual side” was common in the family.

Anyway, I met a lot of interesting people, coming and going at the radio station. There was a very pleasant, older gentleman, around 65 years old who often came by with business matters. Over time, we came to talk often, just general conversation, and I was curious about the sense of peace that seemed to surround him. I’m inquisitive and asked him what he did for a living. He explained to me that he had been a psychologist, for many years, at a prominent hospital in southern California, Santa Barbara.

He told me it is a very stressful profession and eventually took it’s toll on him. He had a major heart attack which ended his career. He said the experience had really taught him a lot about the important things in life. I was having a lot of conflicts with my family at the time, plus being young, married and three little kids of my own.

I asked him a few questions here and there, and he was pleasant and helpful. In fact, he invited me to his home, where he had a small office and still tried to help a few people with counseling, at no charge, even. I really wanted to learn more about this aura of peace he had, so I took him up on the invitation.

Over time, we talked about his career and where life had taken him, as well. He explained that he had some amazing opportunities, had gone to Austria and learned a lot about the use of hypnotherapy in working with patients, long before it was used much in the U.S. He was telling me how it often helped people through subconscious blocks, and could accelerate progress in therapy..and he had employed it in his work.


More time passed and he opened up a bit, telling me about some of the experiences he’d had. Taking patients back, under hypnosis, to their childhood and early years, looking for the root of current issues. He explained that during that process, some strange things had occurred. Seemed that some patients went back to some point he did not understand, essentially, into an earlier time, culture, even language in some instances. He was not particularly religious, nor did he have any thoughts about reincarnation, but as he continued working and finding more of this, he became more interested, taking notes, audio taping, etc. Since his forced retirement, he had continued experimenting with some volunteers, as he wished to learn more.

I jumped at it, wanting to be a volunteer. He was very hesitant, said he did not like to do that without having a good history on the person, understand more about them and this life, before delving into a past life search. He invited me to come one evening, to his home, when he was working with the volunteers he had, and watch some sessions, and see what I thought. I did and I was in awe. Normal people of all ages, yet, under hypnosis, there in his living room, I listened as people would explain a world long ago, and it was documented and audio taped for later discussion. I watched one man who was born in England, during World War II, watched under hypnosis, as he went back, to his earliest childhood, and a shout of pain from him, not understood. After the session, he explained that his mother had gone into labor when a German rocket had landed close by and he was born. Quite obviously, he was reliving the concussion from that rocket, and his birth into this life. He described it so well. Just got my curiosity up that much more, and I really pushed to volunteer. Finally, due to my continued insistence, he reluctantly agreed to give it a try, although I’d never experienced hypnosis. We set a time, at one of his gatherings, and began.

I had no idea what to expect, just lying there on a sofa, dim lights and trying to relax in front of several people. I felt kind of silly, that maybe this wasn’t going to work. Then, I remember a couple of scenes passing through my mind, when I was about 3 or 4 years old, riding a red tricycle I had on a rocky road on our ranch. I then remember sort of a “nothing” point, detached feeling, like the room and everyone in it were separate from me, not scary or anything, just distant. I don’t recall anything after that except a feeling of total panic, struggling, The next thing I recall was this man shaking me, bringing me out of the hypnotic state, sort of forcefully, and I was shaking, cold and obviously emotional. He looked a bit scared and told me this is why he doesn’t like to try this without a good history on the person. Didn’t know where I was at that point in life..under hypnosis, and wanted to know if I had ever been told anything about some sort of major trauma at the time of my birth or shortly after. No, I did not, but asked my mother, who became quite defensive and really wouldn’t answer anything.

I really didn’t “feel” anything once I had calmed down. We talked about trying to delve further at another time. I went home and back about my life, and continued to attend the sessions he held at his home. Often, sitting at the radio station all night, I would sort of mentally drift off, and a very unusual thing took place. In a “daydreaming” state, my mind would get an image, best way I can describe it, it reminded me of an old black and white newsreel from the 1940’s. It happened frequently, would play often in when I was in a twilight state going to sleep, and always exactly the same thing. It would open, I knew it was me, in the cockpit of a World War II Japanese fighter aircraft. Sky was clear, there were other planes in the distance. No sound, dead silence. The plane I was in slowly banked to the left, looking down, I could see I was over water, and there were ships below. I knew there was fire from somewhere, as I could see the trails of tracer rounds of ammunition in the sky around me. My plane then banked more sharply to the left, everything seemed to be in slow motion, I could even see the motion of the propeller on the plane. Then, there was just a feeling of being enveloped in something, and all went blank. No pain, no sound, no nothing, just peace and quiet.

Over and over and over this played in my mind, it went on for many years after. I explained to my friend who had done the hypnosis, and he felt the only answer was that I had managed, under hypnosis, to pass into the previous lifetime. As this incident played out so often in my mind, I began to think back about events in my life, I had never thought about before, at least not looked for any connection. As I started to connect the dots, I came to believe that nothing is “coincidence.”

For openers, my father was fighting in World War II when I was born, and was on the island of Iwo Jima, the day I was born. Red Cross managed to get a scrap of paper to him, two days after I was born, letting him know. He carried that scrap of paper as long as he lived. My dad was badly damaged, mentally from that war. Never was right again. A very hard, but fair man, who demanded perfection, and if you got a lecture, you could tell by the look in his eyes, you were only going to be told once, don’t push it further.

Well following the war, there was a lot of hatred and hostility for Japanese people in this country. As a little kid, I would hear the comments all the time, especially from veterans. At five years old, no coincidence, again, a Japanese family moved onto the farm next to ours. They had a daughter my age, and no son, so important to their culture. And, during the war, they had been placed in one of our ‘relocation centers” and had all their assets taken. They were starting over again. For whatever reason, I was absolutely drawn to them. I would spend most of my time at their house, play with their daughter, and just felt like I “belonged.” Apparently, the feeling was mutual on their part, as they sort of made me an “adopted son.” But, I had this conflict, hearing the hatred for Japanese around me, yet, liking these people and feeling so comfortable with them.

I remember going to my dad, as he had all the answers, and telling him I was very confused, and should I also hate them, or what should I do? My dad went into that “steely stare” of his, monotone voice that said, “Listen up!” He told me if he ever heard me say one bad thing about that family, I would regret it forever.

This was a man who had fought the Japanese, and he explained to me how none of them wanted to be on that island, American nor Japanese, and the bravery on both sides. He was a veteran who had nothing but respect. Never explained much as to why, but was very clear in his message. That cleared it all for me, I went back to my friendship with that family. I spent most of my time there, they would automatically put a plate out for me for dinner, I ate a bit at home..then rushed there for my main meal. Never asked what was in sushi and such, just liked it, so I ate it. Wanted my steamed rice every night with diner! They had a lot of Japanese art in their house, and it just seemed “comfortable.” Don’t know how to describe it. They just accepted me, I went everywhere with them, all cultural and family events, my parents never said a word. Their grandmother was my grandmother, I was one of them, period. They would fly a fish kite on “Boy’s Day” in my honor. I had my own zori’s to wear in their home, shoes stayed on the back porch, feet rinsed in bleach water before entering, all was just normal. And so I grew up.

Then, remembering back to a story my mother would tell, I was just starting to talk, never was given “baby talk,” as I was only around adults. My speech was very adult from the time I started talking. My mother said it always perplexed them, because there was one word I could not say. I would get so excited when I saw a motorcycle, they could not restrain me. And I would keep shouting a word, to her sounded something like, “beagle, beagle.” In later research, I’ve found that she could well have heard a Japanese word for motorcycle and heard it that way, not expecting a different language. And why the extreme interest in a motorcycle? Something from the prior life? I don’t know. I’ve owned several motorcycles in this life and loved them.

I always felt like a square peg in a round hole. Ultimately, I learned to surround myself with those things which make me feel good and comfortable, mostly Japanese and Asian art. I learned to cook Asian foods, and it’s still most of my diet. For many years, I slept on a sleeping mat on the floor, as it was what made me feel comfortable. I finally just went with life as those things which brought comfort. My mother was a fanatical Catholic, I had that hammered in me my whole childhood, and it never made any sense to me. I totally rejected it by 17. Sought nothing for years. Eventually, in my search for what seemed right for me, I pretty much came to embrace Buddhism, at least Eastern philosophy, as I don’t like the word, “religion.” It is a way of living and thinking and doing.

Reincarnation Experience

Along the way in life, I have encountered many people who claim to have psychic gifts, both here and even when I was living in southern Africa, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had ones walk up to me, out of the clear blue, as ask me if I knew I was a Japanese warrior. I am always stunned. Telling me I am an old soul with old eyes, which have seen a lot of pain and suffering. An old lady I met in Africa, old Russian woman, I guess you might call her a “witch,” would always target me, and tell me stories about me, and read this stuff in me. Yet, she knew nothing about me. I’ve tried to keep an open mind to all of this, to see where it leads me, but it’s always brought me back to embracing that which would have come with that past life experience.

So much of which, I would have had no idea as to why I was drawn to it until many years later. There are some here, even on Google+ who will address me as, “Warrior Kain.” I don’t know, it just came to be. I worked with bonsai trees for many years, because I loved the philosophy of them, same with most all nature, kept honeybees most of my life, call them the best little Zen masters one can find.

They demand calm or they remind you. There are probably many details I have left out here, but feel free to ask me any questions. I’m open, open minded and just a seeker of truth.


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