The Hypothesis ‘Aliens’ Behind The KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s Star Can’t Be Excluded

This mysterious star flabbergast every astronomer

Aliens KIC 8462852 Tabby's Star

KIC 8462852 or Tabby’s start, is known as the most mysterious star in the universe. In many ways it is an ordinary star, but the brightness variations of Tabby’s star are so strange and inexplicable that some wonder whether they are caused by aliens.

On a regular basis an unknown huge object with the size of 1000 times larger than Earth cross this star. Astronomers have no idea what it is. They think of a cloud of dust, an asteroid belt or a swarm of comets. Another possibility is that the object around KIC 8462852 is built by an intelligent alien race.

Dyson Sphere

It sounds far-fetched, but even dr. Tabetha Boyajian of Louisiana State University, to whom the star is named, says that this hypothesis can not be excluded. “This star is different from other astronomical objects that we know,” she told the Huffington Post.

Stars don’t do these things

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According Boyajian we must think out of the box. In 1960 the theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson published a paper in the journal Science on a large structure built by an advanced civilization to tap energy from its star. He called it the Dyson Sphere.

Little Green Men

The bright dips were first observed in 2011. The following year the star was suddenly 15 percent weaker. Tabby’s star is now called LGM2. In the sixties a strange signal was detected which was initially thought that it was possible from ‘little green men’ (little green men). For this reason, the object was named LGM1.

Boyajian wants to caught the star ‘in the act’ to see what happens. The problem is that she has no idea when the next dip will occur. Monday they announced the first data showing that there is currently nothing exciting happening at the star.

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