Learn Why Aliens are Really Interested in Minerals – CIA UFO Documents

aliens interested minerals cia ufo documents
Is the CIA really showing all their knowledge about Aliens / UFOs?

The CIA really learn a lot about aliens and UFOs, as evidenced by the thousands of documents about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The UFOs would be very interested in mineral rich areas, this reports Collective Evolution.

“The Height 611 UFO incident, Dalnegorsk”

On January 29, 1986, a UFO allegedly crashed in the hill called Mount Izvestkovaya also known as Height 611, in the Russian city of Dalnegorsk.

Around 8 PM an eyewitness saw a ball appearing in the size of the half moon’s disk. It flew about 750 meters parallel over the ground. Some witnesses claim that the UFO was active above the hill, radiating light while the UFO made vertical movements.

Mount Izvestkovaya is rich in minerals. This event is also called the Russian Roswell.

Height 611 UFO incident Dalnegorsk
Height 611 UFO incident, Dalnegorsk

Why are Aliens or UFOs interested in minerals?

Best way to answer that is to look at ourselves. We are pushing our technology and science in order to realize our mission to colonize other planets. For example, SpaceX wants to execute a manned mission to Mars.

We talk about the survival of humanity because we fear the future of our own planet. Why should this be different for alien intelligent life?

What does the CIA know about Aliens and UFOs?

Many governments carry out covert operations. In America, the operations are called for example special access programs (SAPs).

On the CIA website is a document surfaced that shows how the CIA gathered information about an alliance between the Soviet Union and China.

Nearly 20 years ago scientists from both countries decided to research on UFOs together.

This is a document showing how seriously governments in the past have done research into this phenomenon.

Ufologists from the two countries met in the city of Dalnegorsk. The experts exchanged video and photos and worked to investigate incidents on a program.

Dalnegorsk was not just chosen. In the years before the meeting, there were more and more UFOs seen.

UFOs minerals
Aliens/UFOs are most likely interested in areas with a lot of minerals

Aliens/UFOs are interested in the wealth of useful minerals

In four years at least 10 unidentified objects were seen above the town.

According to specialists, the UFOs were very interested in the area because of the wealth of useful minerals that are in the ground.

They noticed that in mountainous areas in China similar incidents have occurred in places that resemble the landscape of Dalnegorsk.

SOURCECollective Evolution