Video of a living Green Alien on Autopsy Table Explained

Lions Ground was tasked to investigate the authenticity of a peculiar bizarre video depicting alien on the autopsy table that is now circulating on Facebook.

The bizarre video shows what appears an alien body examined on an autopsy table.

The film lasts for about 21 seconds, showing the supposed alien alive and being examined by medical personnel.

We’re still getting used to all the bizarre things happening on Facebook, but we have little doubt in our minds that this video showing a green alien being examined is 100% real.

However, what’s even more amazing about this particular video is that the alien is actually alive! It was reportedly claimed to be real.

You have probably seen many cases of fake alien autopsy videos on Youtube and this video is one of them.

The video in question shows a living alien being examined in the lab room.

“Good information,” said Jonatan Palacios Mosquera, author.

“Fake of all falsehood,” said Franklin David Matos, a Facebook user.


The video of a living green alien on an autopsy table is created by Xvirtual, a company that produces adult content. This video was released in or before 2019.

This video has no real scientific value as it is an adult film.

Storyboard of the adult movie in question

Dangers of fake videos?

In recent years, the internet has given rise to a new form of fake news: fake videos. These are videos that have been edited in such a way that they show events that never actually happened. Given how easy it is to create and distribute these videos, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular.

Fake UFO videos might seem like harmless fun, but they can actually be quite dangerous. Here’s a list of reasons why you should think twice before posting your latest fake UFO video:

* They can make people who believe in aliens look crazy.

* They can distract people from real UFOs that are out there.

* They can confuse and scare people who don’t know any better.

* They can hurt the feelings of UFO witnesses.

How to reverse image search a video?

Luckily, there’s one tool you can use to identify fake videos: reverse image search.

Reverse image search is a simple process. Just upload the video you want to verify and let the algorithm analyze it.

The algorithm will scan your video for its pixels and colors, then compare them to every photo it has on record.

Eventually, the algorithm will determine which photo most closely matches the video you uploaded—and from there, you’ll be able to tell whether or not your video is real or fake.

Here are some extra tips:

-Look at the “date taken” info for the photo. If it’s inconsistent with the story being told in the post, then it’s likely fake.

-Look for any “digital artifacts” such as blurriness in a single area of an otherwise clear image. This could indicate that the image has been photoshopped.

-See if you can find the source of the image or video by doing a reverse image search on Google Images or TinEye.

-Check out Snopes, which debunks and verifies internet rumors and stories, including reports about images and videos that have been altered or faked in order to create controversy.


pretty easy to see that it’s a human with a mask and nothing else. the body proportions and the wide male chin which they can’t hide is a huge giveaway.

pretty easy to see that it’s a human with a mask and nothing else. the body proportions and the wide male chin which they can’t hide is a huge giveaway.

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